WWE Fastlane PPV Results – 2/22/15 (Reigns vs. Bryan)

wwe fastlane results 2015

WWE Fastlane PPV Results
February 22, 2015
Memphis, Tennessee
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

The show kicks off with a video package focusing on the top matches tonight including Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns and John Cena vs. Rusev.

We go live to the FedEx Forum where a huge display of pyro goes off in Memphis.

Dolph Ziggler is out first to kick off the show.

Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan & Ryback vs. Seth Rollins, Big Show & Kane

J&J Security are also out in the corner of Rollins tonight.

We start with Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler. Early pinfall attempt by Ziggler and Rollins bails. Back in the ring, Rollins worked over Ziggler in the corner. Tag to Erick Rowan who tossed Rollins to the corner. Rowan with a pumphandle slam into a backbreaker followed by a quick elbow. Rollins crawls to the corner and tags in Kane. Rowan with a big scoop slam and leg drop combo on Kane. Big Show gets the tag and eats a boot from Rowan in the corner. On the outside, Rowan pushes Big Show into the steel post. Rowan tries a spinning leg on Big Show, Big Show moves and Rowan connects directly with the post. Big Show works over Rowan’s bad leg kicking at it and then dropping an elbow over it. Tag to Kane who stomps the head and chest of Rowan. Tag to Rollins who kicks away at Rowan. Rollins with a second rope blockbuster from the corner on Rowan. Tag to Big Show who applies a leg lock submission on Rowan. Rowan catches Big Show with a DDT. Rollins tags himself in, dropkicks Ziggler off the apron and taunts Ryback. Rowan drops Rollins. Hot tag to Ryback who levels Rollins from corner to corner. Ryback with a Lou Thesz Press. Rollins avoids a splash and Ryback with a powerful powerbomb on Rollins. Ryback drops Kane with a clothesline. Ryback has Rollins up. J&J Security with a distraction. Rollins with a close two count off a roll up. Rollins with a superkick on Ryback for another close two count. Rollins with a kick to Ryback. Rollins jumps off the second rope. Ryback catches Rollins and drops him down in Shell Shocked. Big Show with a splash over Ryback immediately. Tag to Ziggler who dropkicks Big Show. Ziggler pushes Kane into Big Show knocking him off the apron. Ziggler with a big DDT to Kane. Ziggler with a superkick to Kane. Ziggler with a Fameasser to Rollins. Ziggler with right hands to Kane. Kane pushes Ziggler to the side, Big Show with a KO punch, Kane lifts up Ziggler and drops him down getting the pinfall.

Winners: Seth Rollins, Big Show & Kane

After the match, Seth Rollins with a curb stomp on Dolph Ziggler. Big Show and Kane with a double chokeslam on Ryback. Rollins with a curb stomp to Erick Rowan.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he hits the ring. Orton tosses Mercury out. RKO on Noble. RKO on Mercury. Orton kicks Rollins and attempts his DDT from the second rope. Big Show pulls Rollins away. RKO on Kane. Rollins bails through the crowd.

WrestleMania 31 is 35 days away.

A video package runs hyping Goldust vs. Stardust tonight.

Backstage, Goldust is warming up when his father Dusty Rhodes walks in. Dusty doesn’t want Goldust to hurt his brother too bad tonight. Goldust says he appreciates everything Dusty has done for them, but tonight he is facing Stardust – not Cody.

Goldust vs. Stardust

Lock up and Goldust pushes Stardust to the corner. Stardust shoves Goldust. Goldust responds with a slap. Goldust and Stardust exchange hip tosses early. Goldust with an inverted atomic drop, slap, Stardust counters, Goldust counters and Stardust again counters rolling out of the ring. Goldust drops Stardust over his knee and then clotheslines him over the top rope. Back in the ring, Goldust preps Stardust in the corner. Stardust breaks free and then hits a shoulder block from the ring apron. Goldust flips Stardust back in. Goldust eats a boot to the ribs from Stardust and Stardust goes on the attack. On the outside, Stardust with some big kicks to Goldust. Back in the ring, Stardust keeps Goldust grounded. Stardust stomps over the ankle of Goldust. The crowd starts “CODY” chants and it upsets Stardust. Stardust with a seated bear hug applied on Goldust. Stardust picks up Goldust looking to finish him off. Goldust with a roll up and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Goldust

After the match, Goldust extends his hand to Stardust. Stardust brushes him off and leaves the ring. We then see a replay of the finish with Goldust getting the win.

We see footage of Seth Rollins taking a shot at Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” on RAW last Monday night. We then see Jon Stewart responding and Rollins responding to that.

Backstage, Goldust is talking with Dusty Rhodes. Stardust walks up saying they aren’t done and attacks Goldust. Stardust tells Dusty that he killed Cody Rhodes, not him and that he is no longer living in his shadow anymore.

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Usos (c’s) w/ Naomi vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya

We start with Jey Uso and Tyson Kidd. Jey with a quick scoop slam and tag to Jimmy Uso. Jey with a backbreaker and Jimmy comes off the top. Jimmy with chops to Kidd. Jimmy with an uppercut and twisting lariat from the corner. Tag to Cesaro who chop blocks Jimmy. Cesaro with a big uppercut to Jimmy. Jimmy fights out of the corner, but Kidd is able to get the tag. Kidd works over Jimmy, tags in Cesaro and holds Jimmy down allowing Cesaro to come off the second rope with a shot. Cesaro with a one leg swing on Jimmy and a tag to Kidd. Kidd with a huge leg drop over the leg of Jimmy. Hot tag to Jey with shots on Cesaro who got the tag. Jey with a big samoan drop on Cesaro. Jey knocks Kidd off the ring apron. Cesaro with a close roll up. Jey catches Cesaro right in the back of the head. Jey with a huge charge in the corner on Cesaro. Cesaro crotches Jey on the top rope. Cesaro with a suplex from the ring apron to the ring on Jey and Kidd follows with a splash for another close two count. Kidd kicks Jey in the face flipping back over the top rope. Tag to Jimmy who drops Kidd with a samoan drop. Cesaro breaks up the pinfall. Kidd kicks Jimmy in the face. Jey leaps over taking out Cesaro. Kidd kicks Jey in the face. Jimmy drops Kidd back first into the barricade on the floor. All four men are down. The referee starts the count. Kidd with a close pinfall on Jimmy. Kidd with a Sharpshooter on Jimmy. Jey kicks Kidd in the head to break it up. Jey and Cesaro go at it. They fall out of the ring brawling. Jimmy gets an arm over Kidd and Kidd kicks out. Jimmy with a superkick to Cesaro. Kidd quickly grabs Jimmy, kicks him inthe leg and hits his twisting northern lights suplex to get the pinfall.

Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

A video package runs hyping the Triple H and Sting confrontation next.

Triple H and Sting face-to-face meeting

Triple H (wearing a leather jacket instead of his usual suit attire) said he stands here tonight as the “King of Kings” and he is waiting for Sting. The lights dim and we get the creepy Sting video. Out walks Sting. Triple H said he knows why Sting is here and that he feels sorry for him. “You backed the wrong horse. All those years ago you were a loyal soldier to WCW. Hell, Sting was WCW,” said Triple H. He added that Sting went down with the ship and he respects that. Triple H said the reality is, it was guys like him that made that ship go down in the first place. “My legacy is putting your legacy out of business,” added Triple H. He brings up what Sting did at the Survivor Series, trying to force his family out of WWE. Triple H said Sting failed because that is what he does. He offers to give Sting his legacy back by doing some business together. Triple H said if Sting walks away, he will make sure his legacy lasts forever through the WWE Network, DVDs, merchandise, action figures – through all of it. “In 2015, Sting will be bigger than he has ever been before.” Triple H adds they might even put him in the Hall of Fame. Triple H takes off his leather jacket and adds, “Or…we can do it the other way.” He said Sting can continue to disrespect him and he can beat what’s left of his legacy. “Gone like you never even existed. The choice is yours, but I’m not going to wait long.” Triple H said he thinks Sting already made up his mind.

Triple H attempts a cheap shot and Sting gets the better of Triple H. Triple H fires back hitting Sting with the microphone. Triple H works over Sting jumping on him. Triple H leaves the ring and gets a sledgehammer. Triple H walks forward and Sting puts his bat to Triple H’s throat. Triple H backs up and drops his sledgehammer to the outside. Sting points at the WrestleMania sign. Triple H looks up and back at Sting. Triple H seems to mouth that he agrees to the challenge for WrestleMania. Sting goes to walk away, Triple H goes to attack and Sting hits him in the gut with the bat. Sting with the Scorpion Deathdrop on Triple H.

Michael Cole says the challenge is clear for Sting vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 31.

Highlights from MizTV with Paul Heyman on the kickoff show is shown.

WWE Divas Championship
Nikki Bella (c) w/ Brie Bella vs. Paige

Paige tackles Nikki early and Nikki rolls out. Nikki blocks a knee from Paige and trips Paige up on the ring apron. Back in the ring, Nikki keeps Paige grounded driving her knee into her back pulling back on her neck. Nikki with an Alabama Slam on Paige. Nikki with shots to Paige in the corner. Paige with a roll up and bails on the pinfall. Paige with repeated clotheslines on Nikki. Paige drops Nikki with a big dropkick. Paige with a quick superkick to Nikki. Nikki drops Paige face first off her knee, Paige bounces off the ropes and responds kicking Nikki in the face. Nikki is up top, Paige with a few shots, Nikki attempts a sunset flip, Paige hangs on and Nikki is able to drop Paige with a big powerbomb. Paige is trying to lock the PTO on Nikki. Nikki is reaching for the ropes and gets the bottom to break it up. Nikki drops Paige face first into the corner, roll up, Nikki holds the tights and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella

WWE confirms Triple H vs. Sting at WrestleMania 31.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Barrett with big rights to Ambrose early. Ambrose fires back with chops. Barrett bails. Back in the ring, Barrett with a huge boot that sends Ambrose to the outside. Back in the ring, Barrett works over Ambrose in the corner dropping elbows over his lower back. Barrett with a high knee to Ambrose in the corner as well. Back to the outside, Barrett sends Ambrose back first into the ring. Ambrose fires back with a big clothesline. Back in the ring, Ambrose with a big tornado DDT from the corner. Ambrose with a bulldog on Barrett from the corner. Ambrose with a roll up that Barrett kicks out of. Ambrose with a quick knee and huge dropkick on Barrett. Ambrose with an elbow to the top of Barrett’s head off the top rope. Barrett with the Wasteland on Ambrose and Ambrose kicks out. A frustrated Barrett drops his elbow pad calling for his Bullhammer. Ambrose ducks, roll up and another two count. Ambrose with a HUGE clothesline on Barrett. Barrett bails and wants his title. The refere starts the count. Ambrose with a suicide dive taking out Barrett. Ambrose sends Barrett back in and Barrett bails into the crowd. Back in the ring, Ambrose prevents Barrett from crawling out again. Ambrose with repeated kicks. The referee tries to pull him back after reaching his five count. Ambrose keeps it up and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion via DQ: Bad News Barrett

After the match, Dean Ambrose grabs the WWE Intercontinental Championship and says this didn’t belong to Barrett. Ambrose with his Dirty Deeds DDT on Barrett. Ambrose goes to leave, returns and steals the title from Barrett. Ambrose heads to the back with the title.

Bray Wyatt wants The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31

The arena goes dark and The Undertaker’s druids walk out with torches. The Undertaker’s music hits. We then see a casket being pushed out by two other druids. They push the casket against the ring and open it up. Bray Wyatt sits up smiling. Wyatt talks about seeing “him” for the first time, fearing him. “But now he has become just like everyone else – weak and broken. Just a shell of what he once was,” said Wyatt. He talks about the monster being transformed into a mortal. “I think it is time for him to go home. My mission is clear. I know you can hear me. I know that you are listening. And I want you to know that I don’t fear you anymore. I am pain. I am suffering. I am Bray Wyatt, the new face of fear. And at WrestleMania, I will claim the soul of The Undertaker.” Wyatt lays back down laughing. The druids close the casket.

A video package runs hyping John Cena vs. Rusev tonight.

WWE United States Championship
Rusev (c) w/ Lana vs. John Cena

The bell rings and Rusev with some quick kicks to the body of Cena early. Cena with a huge right hand that drops Rusev. Cena jumps on Rusev and keeps him grounded. Rusev tosses Cena away and connects with a high knee. Rusev chokes Cena with his foot in the corner. Rusev with a flying spin kick catching Cena. Rusev knocks Cena off the ring apron and Cena crashes into the barricade at ringside. Cena and Rusev exchange dropkicks. Cena tackles Rusev and drops some right hands. Rusev with a big fallaway slam on Cena. Rusev with repeated elbow drops over the chest of Cena. Rusev catches Cena with an elbow in the corner. Cena with a quick suplex on Rusev. Cena catches Rusev with a big clothesline. Rusev recovers with a big DDT on Cena. Rusev with a splash on Cena in the corner. Cena with his shoulder blocks and twisting powerbomb. Cena connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Rusev. Rusev fires back with a huge superkick. Rusev with a twisting sidewalk slam on Cena when Cena charged in. Cena with a second rope tornado DDT on Rusev. Cena and Rusev exchange shots. Rusev counters an AA attempt. Cena gets Rusev down and locks in the STF. Rusev powers out and plants Cena with an Alabama Slam. Rusev is tripped up by Cena and Cena gets the STF locked in. Rusev gets to the bottom rope. Cena has RUsev up again. Rusev counters with a kick, a second kick and misses a superkick attempt. Cena with an AA. Rusev kicks out! Cena goes up top. Cena jumps, Rusev catches him in the air and drops Cena with a powerbomb. Rusev applies the Camel Clutch. Cena is nearly able to fight out. Rusev gets it locked back in. Cena is lifting Rusev up. We see Lana walking up to the ring apron distracting the referee. Rusev with a low blow. Lana leaves. Back in the ring, Rusev with a superkick to Cena’s head. Rusev gets the Camel Clutch applied.

Cena is out. The referee calls it. Rusev remains undefeated in WWE.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: Rusev

After the match, Rusev celebrates his win with Lana as the Russian flag drops down.

A video package runs hyping Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan tonight.

Winner Faces Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31
Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell rings and here we go. Lock up and Reigns pushes Bryan away. Early pinfall attempts by Bryan. Bryan fights to get Reigns off his feet. Reigns fights out of a surfboard submission attempt. Bryan with a leg kick and Reigns yells at the referee about it being a bit low. Reigns tosses Bryan with power to the corner. Reigns with a huge tilt-a-whirl slam on Bryan. Reigns tosses Bryan with force into the barricade on the outside. Back in the ring, Bryan with leg kicks. Reigns drops Bryan off the top rope and then follows with a big samoan drop. Bryan tries to work over Reigns and Reigns explodes with a huge clothesline that levels Bryan. Reigns with repeated overhead pump handle slams to Bryan releasing on a third. Reigns with his kick to the head of Bryan. Bryan cuts off Reigns’ Superman punch with a big kick to the gut. Bryan with his repeated dropkicks to Reigns in the corner. Reigns hangs on when Bryan attempts a top rope huricanrana. Reigns with a powerbomb on Bryan off the top turnbuckle to the mat below. Bryan crotches Reigns on the opposite turnbuckle. Bryan with a back suplex on Reigns from the top rope to the mat. Bryan gets the Yes Lock applied. Reigns reaches the bottom rope to break it up. Bryan catches Reigns with a suicide dive. Bryan returns to the ring and connects with a second suicide dive. Bryan jumps back in the ring attempting a third suicide dive, Reigns catches him and connects with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Reigns then charges in, Bryan side steps and sends Reigns shoulder first into the steel ring steps. The referee starts the count. Bryan rolls in. Reigns barely beats the count before 10. Bryan is up top, jumps and Reigns catches him with the Superman punch! Reigns covers Bryan and Bryan kicks out! Bryan counters a spear attempt into a roll up for a close two count. Bryan then catches Reigns with a huge kick to the head. Bryan with his flying knee connecting on Reigns. Reigns kicks out! Bryan with kicks to the chest and arms of Reigns. Reigns blocks the kick to the head. Reigns eats slaps from Bryan. Bryan flips down attempting an armbar. Bryan turns Reigns over and gets the Yes Lock applied. Reigns powers out and drops huge elbows over Bryan. Bryan reaches up attempting a triangle submission. Reigns lifts Bryan up and drops him down in a powerbomb. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. Both are up at 8 exchanging shots. Bryan drops big boots over the head of Reigns. Bryan connects with his kick to the head. Bryan goes for his running knee. Reigns with a spear and the pinfall.

Reigns advances to WrestleMania 31 to face Brock Lesnar.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, we see highlights of the finish with Reigns connecting with his spear. Back live, Daniel Bryan gets in the face of Reigns. He seems to say he was better. They shake hands. We see a shot of Reigns smiling and looking up at the WrestleMania sign. Reigns gets up on the turnbuckle celebrating staring up at the sign.

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