WWE United States Championship Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Big E Langston

Dean Ambrose slaps Big E Langston and Big E responds with a big takedown. Big E with big shots to Ambrose in the corner, tosses him to the other and gets in a big spear. Big E drops Ambrose over his knee, but takes a quick elbow from Ambrose. Ambrose with chops and Big E hardly budges. Big E with high knees, puts Ambrose on his shoulder and then launches him off. Big E launches Ambrose to the outside and Ambrose favors his knee. Ambrose is back in and dropping boots to Big E. Ambrose sends Big E face first into the steel ring post and Big E falls to the outside. The referee starts the count. Big E slides in before the 10 and Ambrose with more boots. Ambrose with a quick headbutt and body shots. Ambrose takes the back of Big E applying a sleeper. Big E breaks it up slamming Ambrose to the corner. Big E with clotheslines and a high back body drop. Big E with a huge clothesline off the ropes. Big E hits the ropes and misses a splash. Big E with a belly to belly. Ambrose tries to bail and Big E chases him down bringing him back to the ring. Ambrose with a DDT resulting in a two count back in the ring. Ambrose misses a corner splash, recovers on the ring apron and Big E with a spear on Ambrose through the ropes to the outside. Big E is busted open under his eye. Big E slides in first. The referee reaches the 10 count and calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Big E Langston
Still WWE United States Champion: Dean Ambrose

After the match, Big E Langston attacks Dean Ambrose and holds up the WWE United States Championship. We see highlights of the match including where it appears Big E suffered the cut under his eye going in for a full body clothesline on Ambrose.

The Hell in a Cell is now lowering around the ring.

Video from RAW on Monday airs of CM Punk beating the clock.

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