Handicap Hell in a Cell Match
CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman

CM Punk entered the Hell in a Cell first. Ryback was out second, but no Paul Heyman. We then see Heyman arriving on a moving machine lift near the entrance area. It’s taking forever to get to the ringside area. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL are laughing. It finally gets near the Hell in a Cell structure. Heyman gets on a mic taunting Punk as he is now standing on top of the Hell in a Cell structure.

The bell rings and here we go. Punk with body shots to Ryback early on. Punk trips up Ryback and works over his knee with big kicks. Punk with a suicide dive taking out Ryback against the side of the cell structure. Ryback fights back lifting up Punk and driving him back first into the cell. Ryback grabs a kendo stick and cracks it over the body of Punk. Ryback slides Punk back in and cracks the kendo stick over his back. Ryback with a quick body splash over the back of Punk. Punk pulls down the top rope launching Ryback to the outside. Punk comes off the top turnbuckle connecting with a quick sledgehammer shot. Punk pulls a table out from under the ring when Ryback runs up and pushes him into the steel steps. Ryback suplexes Punk into the side of the cage hanging on three times. Back in the ring, Ryback with a back suplex on Punk. Ryback with his modified stunner on Punk over his back for a two count. We see a shot of Heyman staring down from the top of the cell structure. Punk with a springboard cross body on Ryback. Punk with a high knee to the jaw of Ryback in the corner. Ryback catches Punk springboarding off the top rope and gets in a quick slam for a two count. Ryback has Punk up. Punk counters, Ryback hits the corner, Punk grabs the kendo stick and cracks it across the gut of Ryback. Punk cracks the kendo stick over the back of Ryback. Punk catches Ryback in the throat with the stick, charges and connects with another high knee. Punk drops Ryback with a clothesline and goes up top. Punk off the top with a flying elbow.

Punk with more shots to the body of Ryback using the kendo stick. Punk goes to the outside and grabs the table he pulled out earlier. Punk starts to set it up in the ring when Ryback cuts him off. Ryback sets the table up on its side. Punk counters Ryback. Ryback comes back twisting and crotching Punk over the table corner. Ryback then levels Punk with a big clothesline. Punk fights back with shots on Ryback, setting up the table and putting Ryback on it. Punk comes off the top rope with another flying elbow crashing over Ryback through the table. Heyman looks concerned staring down from up top. Punk with a shot to the head of Ryback using the kendo stick and then connects with the GTS. Punk hooks the leg of Ryback and gets the pinfall. Heyman can’t believe Ryback lost.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, CM Punk looks up at Paul Heyman smiling. Punk grabs the kendo stick, puts it in his trunks and starts climbing up to the top. Heyman has no where to go as Punk reaches the top and pulls out the kendo stick. Punk pokes Heyman with the kendo stick. Punk kisses the head of Heyman and starts beating him with the kendo stick. Punk with a GTS on Heyman on top of the Hell in a Cell.

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