WWE Results: Amsterdam

4/15 WWE Results: Amsterdam

Johnny Berendsen passed along this live report.

Below my quick results from the WWE WrestleMania Revenge tour from the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

Cesaro beat Stardust by pinfall. Big pop for Cesaro. Cool spot during the match – Stardust was hanging between the bottom ropes in the 619 position. So I shouted ‘619’ to Cesaro and guess what…Cesaro did the 619! Personal highlight for me!

Sin Cara beat Tyler Breeze by pinfall. After the match Tyler got on the mike and challenged anybody from the back and if he loses he will never compete here again.

Jack Swagger beat Tyler Breeze by submission. Out came Jack Swagger with the Dutch flag to a decent pop. And quickly submitted Breeze with the ankle lock.

Kane beat Rusev. Match with the least reaction, but still ok. Kane won after a chokeslam on Rusev.

New Day (Xavier and Kofi with Big E) beat The Wyatt family (Braun and Rowan) after pinfall. Big pop for both teams. Very entertaining match. Kofi won after hitting Trouble in Paradise.


Charlotte (with Ric Flair) beat Becky and Sasha. Good match between the women. Charlotte pinned Becky with leverage of the second rope. Good reception of all the women.

The Usos beat The Dudley boyz by pinfall. Decent pop for both teams. Entertaining match with The Usos coming out on top.

Roman Reigns beat Sheamus by pinfall. Roman got a bit of mixed reaction, but mostly cheers. Decent match with Sheamus hitting the Brogue Kick for a 2 count. Roman hit the spear eventually for the pin.

Lilian Garcia did the introductions.

Good show for a good crowd. Hopefully we see the WWE back next year.


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