WWE Live Results: Honolulu, Hawaii

6/29 WWE Live Results: Honolulu, Hawaii

Christopher Canovan passed along this live report.

First WWE live event in Honolulu, Hawaii in 6 years.

Jojo welcomed us and announced 1st match would be Curtis Axel v. Titus O’Neil. Good opening match, Axel got in some offense, mocked Titus Gator call a few times until Titus took over and hit the leg drop splash to win the match. After the match, high-fived fans at ringside and even held someone’s toddler before heading backstage.

Next match was Baron Corbin v Dolph Ziggler. Corbin set the pace from the start as Ziggler tried to hit the Superkick on Corbin a few times and Corbin stalled the match by staying on the outside of the ring. Ziggler had enough until he went out and hit Corbin from behind. They fought outside the ring for a few minutes before moving back into the ring. Back and forth action, Ziggler hits a few backbreakers and neckbreakers, setting up for the ZigZag but Corbin caught Ziggler for The End of Days for the win.

Next match was The Club (Gallows and Anderson) vs The Usos. Usos came out to a huge ovation from the Hawaiian crowd. The Club didnt get much offense as Usos had the momentum the whole match. Gallows had a flurry of clotheslines on Jimmy until Jey hit a flying forearm into him in the corner. After a few minutes, the Usos double superkick Gallows first, then Anderson, before setting up the Splash on Anderson to take the victory. After the match, Usos stayed in the ring to celebrate with the crowd and dance.

Next match was the NXT women’s title match between Natalya and Asuka. First few minutes of the match were a series of technical mat skills until Natalya took over suplexing Asuka on the outside of the ring. Asuka would come back with the flurry of buzzsaw chops and punches. Natalya then put Asuka in the surfboard submission move which drew a rise in the Hawaiian crowd. Asuka would get out of the submission then putting Natalya in an ankle lock before putting in the Asuka Lock to make Natalya tap out to retain the title.

Next match was for the WWE Tag Team Titles as New Day would defend their titles against the Vaudevillians. Big E and Xavier Woods would wrestle as Kofi Kingston would be at ringside. Of course, New Day did their normal routine of dancing and twerking, wish they couldve did their Booty-Os promo. Vaudevillians couldnt get much offense and during the final moments with the ref distracted Kofi went on the apron to kick Gotch to set up Big E with the Big Ending and the Splash to retain.

Next match was for the WWE Women’s Title as Becky Lynch took on Charlotte for the title. Very good match, back and forth action from both ladies. Lynch had Charlotte in the Disarmer lock before Charlotte escaped and put Lynch into the Figure 8 for the submission.

Next match was Kevin Owens vs Shinsuke Nakamura. Before the match, Owens came on the video screen to tell the crowd that Nakamura won’t make it to the Japan tour because its all about the Kevin Owens show. The original match was originally supposed to be Nakamura v Cena and Owens to face Brock Lesnar. Owens set the tone early in the match by attacking Nakamura during his entrance routine, then mocking him while beating on him in the corners. Very physical match between them. Owens hit a moonsault on Nakamura as Nakamura blocked it by putting his knees up. Set up the the Kinshasa kick but got a 2-count, did another Kinshasa kick to knock Owens out and for the victory.

Last match was the Fatal 4-way match for the WWE Heavyweight title. First to come out was Chris Jericho. He took the mic from Jojo and told the Hawaiian crowd that this place was a dump and said he didnt care for the Aloha, Mahalo, the mahi mahi and everything else. Hawaiians in the crowd chant Mahu at Jericho. Jericho in heel mode doesn’t know what that means but takes it as a compliment. That draws the whole Hawaiian crowd to chant Mahu to Jericho who drinks it in. AJ Styles comes to the ring next, followed by Seth Rollins before the WWE Champion Dean Ambrose comes out. Before the match gets underway, Jericho tries to touch the title from the referee, then Jericho refuses to take off his scarf as Ambrose signals to Jericho time is ticking. Hawaiian crowd chants Mahu again as Rollins has a laugh in the corner before reluctantly Jericho takes off the scarf and match is underway.

Match starts off with Rollins, Styles and Jericho team up together to beat up Ambrose. All 3 of them take turns kicking Ambrose in the corner before Rollins takes a moment to regroup with them before all 3 of them in unison begin to kick Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose is flung to the other corner and same thing happens as Jericho invites Styles and Rollins in on the kicking fun again. After that, they take turns holding up Ambrose for punches to the face. Once Ambrose is laying on the mat, Styles and Rollins have a discussion on what to do next when Jericho covers Ambrose to try to steal the win. Once Rollins and Styles break up the pin, Ambrose rolls to the outside of the ring as the 3 of them argue about Jericho going for the pin, then Styles and Rollins start beating on Jericho as the 3-on-1 teaming goes awry. Action spilled on the outside before Ambrose hit a diving splash from the top rope. Ambrose went back to the top rope again before Rollins catches him and attempts a superplex. Styles comes in to help Rollins and once Jericho comes in the ring, he powerbombs Styles and Rollins as they suplex Ambrose which got a big reaction. Jericho would try to hit a Lionsault on Styles as Styles moved out of the way. Styles would then put Rollins in an ankle lock meanwhile Jericho put Ambrose in the Walls of Jericho. Rollins would crawl to the ropes, breaking the hold. Styles would then launch himself and use the Phenomal Forearm off the top rope to hit Jericho, breaking the Walls of Jericho on Ambrose. Rollins would then step in and hit Styles with the Pedigree. Ambrose, Rollins and Styles would then trade blows before Styles would hit the Pele kick on Ambrose sending him to the ropes who would then use the momentum to come of the ropes to clothesline Rollins. Jericho would come back in to hit the Codebreaker on Styles, as Ambrose comes in to give the Dirty Deeds DDT to Jericho and cover Styles to get the win.

After the match, Ambrose celebrated in the ring before going around ringside as fans gave him Leis and goes up the aisle before returning to the ring to give the Hawaiian crowd a bow before heading back to the locker room. Jojo would then thank the crowd and says until next time Hawaii.


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