WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results – 2/20/18 (Roode & Charlotte vs. Apollo & Nia Jax)

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results 2/20/18
WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results
February 20, 2018
Phoenix, Arizona
Commentary: Corey Graves, Michael Cole and Beth Phoenix

Results by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode are out first.

Nia Jax and Apollo are out next. Titus Worldwide is joining them tonight.

Tonight is the final match of the first round of the tournament.

WWE United States Champion Bobby Roode and Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Apollo and Nia Jax w/ Titus Worldwide

We start with Bobby Roode and Apollo tonight. Roode does the Flair strut. Charlotte gets in and shows Roode how to properly strut. Roode gets in a “GLORIOUS” pose. Roode backs Apollo to the corner and lands a quick chop. Roode with more chops. Apollo catches Roode with a quick dropkick after Roode came bouncing off the ropes.

Charlotte gets the tag. In comes Nia Jax. Jax dumps Charlotte to the corner. Charlotte fires back with a boot. Dana Brooke distracts Charlotte and Jax takes out Charlotte. Jax yells at Dana to stay out of her business. Charlotte with shoulder charges to Jax in the corner. Charlotte with a dropkick that sends Jax to the outside through the ropes.

Jax is back in splashing in the corner. Jax easily tosses Charlotte aside. Jax drops an elbow over Charlotte and gets a two count. Jax again yells at Dana and Titus to stay out of her business at ringside when Charlotte was tossed out. Apollo calms it down. Charlotte with a dropkick when Jax jumps back inside. Jax attempts a samoan drop. Charlotte counters and connects with a chop block to Jax. Charlotte with a second chop block. Charlotte gets the Figure Four locked on Jax. Jax is able to break free.

Roode and Apollo get the tags. Roode with a charge and neckbreaker combo to Apollo. Roode catches Apollo with a top rope clothesline. Roode with a “GLORIOUS” pose, goes for his DDT and Apollo rolls him up for a two count. Apollo catches Roode with a big kick to the face that results in another two count. Roode with a spinebuster on Apollo and Jax jumps in to break it up. Charlotte is up on the top rope and Jax cuts her off. Jax is climbing up the ropes in the corner. Charlotte pushes her away. Apollo kicks Roode in the head.

Charlotte with a top rope moonsault over Jax. Glorious DDT on Apollo for the win.

Winners: Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair

Finn Balor and Sasha Banks vs. The Miz and Asuka is up next week in the quarterfinals.

After the match, Charlotte lets out a loud “WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” She wants Bobby Roode to join her with one. Roode does a very deep voiced version. They both leave.

Nia Jax grabs the mic and has something to say to Apollo, Titus O’Neil and Dana Brooke. She’s been wanting to say this to Titus for so long. Titus takes off his jacket smiling. Jax tells her to take it off. She says Titus isn’t a coach and Dana Brooke isn’t a statistician. Jax says they are nothing but a couple of zeros. “You disrupt our training. You disrupt our strategy. And tonight, you came down to the ring and disrupted our match.” Titus wants Apollo to grab his jacket so they can leave. Jax pushes Titus over who falls over Apollo. Jax blocks a punch from Dana and then gives her a big samoan drop.

Thanks for joining us tonight!