WWE Money in the Bank: John Cena retains the WWE Championship

John Cena def. Mark Henry on Sunday night at WWE Money in the Bank to retain the WWE Championship. Get a detailed recap of the match below.

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs. Mark Henry

Justin Roberts handled the ring introductions for the champion John Cena and challenger Mark Henry. Another big reaction for Henry in Philadelphia tonight. Cena with the usual mixed reaction. Henry with a huge headbutt that levels Cena early. Henry with a second headbutt that sends Cena to the corner. Henry with a corner splash, cover and a two count on Cena. Another headbutt by Henry. This time Cena falls back and falls out of the ring. On the outside, Henry lifts up Cena in the air and drops him ribs first over the steel ring steps. Henry tosses Cena back in the ring, hooks the leg and gets another two count. Henry is getting frustrated each time Cena kicks out. Cena with rights, dropkick, Henry stays on his feet and Henry levels Cena again. Henry picks up Cena, swings him around the ring and tosses him out through the ropes. Henry works over Cena on the outside and tosses him back in the ring. Henry looks at the crowd and screams, “That’s what I do!” Cena avoids a splash from Henry in the corner. Cena tries to pick up Henry for a scoop slam, but Henry is too heavy and Cena falls back. Henry covers and gets another two count. Cena fights to his feet, lands a body kick, throws right hands to Henry, connects with a shoulder block, Henry stays up, Cena with a flying shoulder block and this time Henry is taken off of his feet.

Cena with a side suplex on Henry barely getting him up. Cena connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena tries to get Henry up for the AA and buckles to the mat due to the weight of Henry. Henry with another cover and another two count. Henry has Cena up on his shoulder. Cena counters and as he comes down he plants Henry face first trying to hook a DDT. Cena this time gets Henry up to his shoulders and connects with the AA! Cena hooks the leg…and Henry kicks out after two! Cena goes up to the top turnbuckle. Cena jumps, Henry catches him and connects with the World’s Strongest Slam! Henry hooks the leg and Cena kicks out again after two! Henry can’t believe it. Henry pulls the pad off the top turnbuckle and then leaves the ring. The referee starts repairing the pad. Henry brings steel chairs in and tells Henry that isn’t legal. The referee clears the ring of the steel chairs and exposes another turnbuckle. Cena sends Henry chest first into the exposed turnbuckle as the referee is distracted. Cena gets Henry down and gets the STF applied. Henry reaches and gets to the bottom rope. Cena keeps the STF locked in before the referee reaches the five count. Referee bump and Henry gets in a low blow. Cena falls and Henry hooks the leg. Another two count for Henry. Cena counters another World’s Strongest Slam attempt by Henry.

Cena gets Henry down and gets the STF applied yet again. Henry is getting close to the bottom rope. Cena breaks the STF, pulls Henry away from the bottom rope and locks the STF on one more time. Henry taps.

Winner and still WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, John Cena holds up the WWE Championship belt. He hangs back waiting to see what Mark Henry was going to do next. Henry is banged up as he leaves the ring and starts heading to the back with the referee. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

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