Hulk Hogan

Clip from Andre the Giant documentary with Hulk Hogan

HBO passed along a clip from a deleted scene from the new Andre the Giant documentary featuring Hulk Hogan telling a story about learning the hard way with Andre.

As reported earlier, Hogan attended the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary last week featuring WWE talent on the red carpet as well.

The documentary will premiere on HBO this Tuesday (April 10).

You can check out the deleted scene below courtesy of HBO.

Jim Ross on NJPW and Jerry Lawler

Jonathan Hood passed along the following:

Jim Ross was on my podcast/radio show yesterday and pointed out some things he liked and didn’t like about broadcasting the New Japan Strong Style event in Long Beach, Ca a few weeks ago.

He discussed how he and Jerry Lawler are going to go on the road this year and do shows together. Similar to the one man shows he did across the country.