WWE Hall of Fame Coverage – 4/6/18 (Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett and The Dudley Boyz)

WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Hall of Fame Coverage 4/6/18
WWE Hall of Fame Coverage
April 6, 2018
New Orleans, Louisiana
Results by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

The show opens with a tribute graphic for the late “Luscious” Johnny Valiant.

We are live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

A video package opens the show looking back at past Hall of Fame inductees and the Class of 2018 that will be inducted tonight in New Orleans.

Our host for the evening, Jerry “The King” Lawler, is out first to kick off the ceremony.

A video package runs for our first inductees tonight: The Dudley Boyz.


Edge and Christian are out first. Christian says he remembers Edge being inducted into the Hall of Fame and always dreaming of this night. Edge tells Christian he isn’t being inducted. The fans start a “YOU DESERVE IT” chant. Christian points out they walked out to Edge’s theme music tonight and not his. He adds they get the opportunity to induct the greatest tag team in the history of the wrestling business. Edge takes a shot at the two internet wrestling fans upset that Paul Heyman isn’t inducting the Dudley’s tonight. He jokes they don’t owe the Dudley’s any money. Christian said they are the only two guys in the locker room that actually like Bubba. Edge and Christian talk about the popularity of the Dudley’s in ECW and how they were growing something in WWE along with the Hardys. They bring up the APA beating up the Dudley’s to try and pass the test when they debuted in WWE. Ron Simmons and JBL are in the crowd. Simmons stands up with a mic and lets out a “DAMN.” Edge jokes when the three teams would wrestle they had “five fearless wrestlers…and D-Von.” Christian brings up the TLC match and jokes they all got together to argue the pay they received with Jim Ross backstage. Edge revealed they did receive a bump in pay. He then points out the Dudley’s winning the most tag team championships of any other tag team in the history of the business. They both put on Dudley glasses and introduce the newest inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame, the Dudley Boyz.

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von)

Bubba Ray and D-Von walk out to a big reaction. Edge and Christian given them the Dudley glasses. D-Von says it is an honor and privilege to be here tonight. Bubba says all D-Von needs to say is testify and that’s it. D-Von isn’t sure if Bubba got the memo. “I’m office now.” He argues he is going first. Bubba says he gets texts from “the boys” about D-Von being their producer backstage and adding an “lol” to the text.

D-Von talks about his family history and watching wrestling with his family growing up. He brings up watching Hulk Hogan and making him become a wrestling fan. D-Von jokes he even wanted to look like Hogan adding, “I had the tan.” He also jokes he ended up having the same kind of hair as Hogan when he grew up. D-Von mentions Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat and Andre the Giant growing up as well.

D-Von talks about not having a father growing up, but wanting his sons to be proud. He talks about his mother and moving on up. D-Von brings up that his two sons will be following in his footsteps to become pro wrestlers. He thanks the rest of his family. D-Von then turns his attention to Bubba Ray, calling him his “brother in life” in addition to his tag team partner. He then jokes that Bubba is now allowed to talk.

Bubba says family has always been important to them. He wishes his mom and dad could be here today. Bubba reveals cards with their pictures on it and that he brought them with him today. He talks about sitting front row as a kid when Jimmy Snuka jumped off the top of the steel cage. Bubba said they were die-hard WWF fans. D-Von jokes that Bubba can’t say the F word and to leave it out. Bubba says “sorry sir.”

Bubba tells a story about attending a wrestling show live with his father and uncle. His father asked him if he enjoyed the show. Bubba said his told his father that would be him some day. He points out his uncle in attendance tonight. Bubba points out they are the first original ECW act to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He jokes about the “elephant in the room” and points out Tommy Dreamer in attendance tonight.

Bubba thanks Paul Heyman for putting them together as a tag team. They thank Spike Dudley. D-Von called him the toughest 150 pound man in the ECW locker room. Bubba says when they thank Spike, they thank every man and woman they wrestled with and how the person you are in the ring with is just as important. He adds the song “My Way” would sum up their careers as a tag team, the Sex Pistols version of the song.

D-Von wants to thank one person here tonight and that is Tommy Dreamer. He points out Dreamer was his mentor in the early days of ECW. D-Von says Tommy helped him without ever asking anything in return. Bubba echoes the sentiments towards Dreamer and thanks his family and friends, including Velvet Sky. Bubba has a Vince McMahon story. He talks about meeting him for the first time at LaGuardia airport and wondering why Vince would ever fly commercial. D-Von says they were tested when they arrived in WWE and that tag team was the APA. He brings up Simmons pronouncing his name as Devin. D-Von said it was similar to Andre the Giant where if the APA didn’t like you, you were done. He tells a funny story collecting money during his Reverend D-Von days and using that on beer money with the APA. Bubba also thanks the late Mae Young. He talks about powerbombing Mae and D-Von giving her the headbutt. Bubba pauses and wants everyone to let that move sink in on Mae. He tells a story about Mae demanding Bubba slam her like she was one of the boys. Bubba turns his attention next to the TLC matches. He thinks now is time for a moment that hasn’t happened in over 15 years. Bubba invites Edge, Christian, Matt and Jeff Hardy to the stage. They all hug on stage. Bubba says it was the six of them that created history together. All six raise their hands together. D-Von suggests another TLC match this Sunday at WrestleMania. Edge, Christian and the Hardys exit the stage quick. D-Von tries to give a final goodbye. The Dudley Boyz music hits. Bubba and D-Von look confused. A production guy walks out to tell them they had to wrap up. Bubba grabs the production guy and D-Von brings out a table. They powerbomb the guy through it. D-Von lets out a final “OH MY BROTHER, TESTIFY!” They pose showing off the HOF rings.

Roman Reigns is shown in the audience. Very mixed reaction as usual.

Jerry Lawler is back out to introduce our next inductee.

A video package runs for our second inductee tonight: Hillbilly Jim.

Jimmy Hart is introduced to induct Hillbilly Jim. He talks about Jim growing up a big wrestling fan and being a well known and successful basketball player in high school. Hart talks about Jim transitioning to a career in pro wrestling. He talks about Jim getting his shot and becoming a big attraction for the WWE. Hart talks about Jim blowing his knee out and making his comeback to the ring at WrestleMania 3. He talks about Jim being the reason he got the call to be part of the first WrestleMania.

Hillbilly Jim

Hillbilly Jim walks out and embraces with Jimmy Hart. He understands this can be a long evening and wants to keep his comments brief tonight. Jim wants to reference some names people know and others people don’t know. He tells a story about Beautiful Bruce Swayze discovering him inside a gym and saying he would be perfect for wrestling.

Jim brings up Jim Ross and some words that he shared with him. The word was “opportunity” and he talks about taking them seriously. Jim tells a story about getting an opportunity to wrestle for another promoter. He shares a story about getting a call from promoter Stu Hart and asking if he would wrestle for him in Calgary.

He talked about returning home from his tour of Canada to take care of his ailing mother. Jim talks about becoming close with Bruce Hart and still being friends to this day. He talks about getting a call from Jerry “The King” Lawler for a spot in Memphis. Jim talks about working with Jerry Jarrett, Dutch Mantell, Rick Rude and Jim Neidhart.

Jim talks about his interactions with Pat Patterson and getting his shot with WWE. He talks about Jim never leaving and going to other territories. Jim brings up getting the opportunity to work with Hulk Hogan upon his arrival. He tells a story about Patterson playing a prank on him only to reveal a check over over $80,000.

He tells a story about working in the ring with Big John Studd, Bobby Heenan, Lou Albano and Andre the Giant. Jim also shares a personal story about Andre. He talks about how they drank 57 bottles of liquor (airport liquor), with Jim only having 8. Jim says the pilot was asked to come back to deal with them and turned right back around.

Jim brings up getting to wrestle at WrestleMania 3 working with King Kong Bundy. He quotes a late sportscaster in Kentucky that he got to do what he always wanted in life. Jim says he already had a Hall of Fame life because of this business. He accepts this on behalf of his mother and family. Jim closes thanking the fans and wrestlers who have passed.

Jerry Lawler introduces the Legacy Hall of Fame inductees for the Class of 2018: Stan Stasiak, El Santo, Jim Londos, Boris Malenko, Lord Alfred Hayes, Dara Singh, Rufus R. Jones, Sputnik Monroe, Hiro Matsuda and Cora Combs.

Back live, Jerry Lawler introduces our next inductee.

A video package runs for our third inductee tonight: Ivory.

Molly Holly is out next to induct Ivory. She talks about Ivory’s 20 year career in the wrestling industry. Molly talks about the things Ivory did outside the ring with WWE including Tough Enough, hosting WWE programming and visiting sick children in the hospital. She talks about Ivory being involved with GLOW in the 1980s. Molly talked about spending the tragic day together with Ivory on September 11, 2001 along with Lilian Garcia as they traveled to the next town to put on a live edition of Smackdown.

Lilian Garcia walks out next and introduces the newest Hall of Famer, Ivory.


Ivory thanks Molly Holly and Lilian Garcia for the introduction tonight. She talks about always loving to travel with Molly and how Molly would ignore the gossip she’d try to bring up. Ivory talks about New Orleans and being part of the animal rescue process in the city when Hurricane Katrina devastated the area years ago.

Ivory turns her attention to how women have come a long way in WWE. She talks about the early days of GLOW sparking the eventual rise of the women’s division with Jazz, Trish Stratus, Lita, Jackie, Molly Holly, Victoria, Terri Runnels and Gail Kim. She talks about being proud to be a sister to the current crop of female talent in WWE.

Ivory talked about enjoying the crew of talent she got to work with in WWE. She gives a sincere thank you to the fans in the WWE Universe who helped build her up. Ivory talks about this being a big moment in her life, much like a marriage. She says tonight will be very much like her wedding experience. The fans cheer loudly for this.

She talks about getting the official invite to be part of the Hall of Fame and WWE telling her to go get an evening gown on them. Ivory jokes she got Attitude Era flashbacks when it comes to an evening gown and noted her underwear is Hall of Fame worthy tonight. The old Right to Censor sounder made an appearance to smiles from Ivory.

Ivory remembers women who have passed on including Mt. Fiji, Chyna, Moolah and Mae Young. She thanks everyone for the honor tonight including her family in attendance. Ivory again thanks the wrestling fans “until death do us part with this ring I the wed.” She thanks everyone for being her witness tonight and concludes her speech.

Jerry Lawler introduces our next inductee into the Celebrity Wing.

A video package welcomes our fourth inductee tonight: Kid Rock.

Triple H is out next to induct Kid Rock. He talks about Kid Rock’s music being a big part of the soundtrack to the Attitude Era. Triple H brings up Kid Rock performing the theme song for WrestleMania this year. He said that song will be associated with the memories that are created this weekend in New Orleans. Triple H introduces Kid Rock.

Kid Rock

Kid Rock says this is better than any Grammy any day of the week. “This was first. There is no politics involved here.” He talks about getting the invite and his response: “Hell yeah!” Kid Rock said he was reminded to not thank Vince and to stay away from politics. He kicks it off with a big, big thank you to Vince McMahon. Kid Rock credits Vince McMahon for changing the landscape of American entertainment.

He talks about getting worked up and wanting to bodyslam some Democrats. Kid Rock laughs and some of the crowd starts booing. He says we are human beings first and Americans second so he encourages everyone to find some common ground. Kid Rock talks about being involved with The Undertaker’s theme using “American Bad Ass.” He talks about being friends with The Rock, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.

Kid Rock talks about just how tough it is to be on the road and asks for a round of applause for the wrestlers that entertain people around the world. He wants to drop a few names and guarantees he will be the quickest speech tonight. Kid Rock thanks members of his family, his band, managers and most of all the fans. He thanks the fans for spending hard earned money to come watch them provide some entertainment.

Kid Rock thanks Jesus next. He wants to accept this award on behalf of the late, great Joe C. He talked about how much Joey loved pro wrestling. Kid Rock closes thanking WWE and the fans for inviting him to be part of the Hall of Fame.

A promo for the WWE Network airs including teases regarding a new WWE 24 special about Matt and Jeff Hardy featuring TNA Wrestling footage and a Bruce Prichard podcast.

Jerry Lawler introduces our next inductee tonight.

A video package welcomes our fifth inductee tonight: Jeff Jarrett.

Road Dogg is out next to induct Jeff Jarrett. He talks about meeting Jeff for the first time 25 years ago and being told he would be his roadie in the WWE. Road Dogg reminds everyone not to do drugs and how he can’t tell certain stories since it is PG now. He has a lot of great memories in wrestling and many of them are with this next inductee. Road Dogg introduces the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame, Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett walks out with a cowboy hat on and starts cutting an old Double J promo. Road Dogg tells him this isn’t 1995 and to talk into the podium mic. He also takes away Jeff’s cowboy hat and runs off the stage area to let Jeff begin his speech.

Jarrett talks about getting his start in wrestling back in 1986 on April 6 and to the day 32 years later he is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The crowd starts a loud “YOU DESERVE IT” chant. Jarrett said he will never get through this speech tonight.

Jarrett talks next about getting to work with what many people consider the Michael Jordan of wrestling: Shawn Michaels. We see a shot of HBK in the crowd. Jarrett said in his opinion no one has come close to Shawn’s athletic ability and thanks him for what he did.

He talks about his history with the Intercontinental Championship and points out The Miz for continuing to make him proud with that title. Jarrett talks about being part of the nWo and being inducted into a certain club in Japan. He talks about working with celebrities.

Jarrett said he also had a thing with David Arquette, which gets boo’s from the crowd. He mentions being pinned by Stephanie McMahon in her first match. Jarrett points out two men who had a big impact on his life: Road Dogg and Owen Hart.

He talks about Owen as the human being, calling him a great father, son, husband and uncle. Jarrett shares an Owen rib story from a live event in San Jose involving Ahmed Johnson and another rib with Owen involving Edge and Christian.

Edge and Christian join him on stage after the story to give him a clown nose, which is the clown nose he put on during a match with Owen against Edge and Christian.

Jarrett thanks his wife Karen and the kids. He thanks his father Jerry, who’s in attendance. Jarrett thanks his grandmother who took a second job to support two kids. He closes with a poem that is a legacy he wants to leave for his kids about never quitting.

Road Dogg walks out and performs “With My Baby Tonight” with Jeff Jarrett.

Jerry Lawler says the Country Hall of Fame has barred Road Dogg and Jeff Jarrett for life after they sang the “With My Baby Tonight” song in the last segment.

A video package welcomes our sixth inductee tonight: Jarrius “JJ” Robertson.

Dana Warrior is out next to induct Jarrius Robertson. She talks about the Ultimate Warrior walking out on this very stage four years ago. “This feels like a homecoming for the girls and me. A full circle moment in this beautiful city.” Dana turns her attention to the battle Jarrius has had to fight the last few years of his life to be here tonight.

Jarrius “JJ” Robertson

JJ walks out to accept his award. He quickly points out he needs a boost to talk into the mic in the podium. JJ talks about previous inductees for the Warrior Award.

He talks about meeting Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Zack Ryder and his least favorite Superstar The Miz, which gets a laugh from the audience.

JJ makes a joke that at this point he already feels like a WWE Superstar and could probably get a WrestleMania match before John Cena.


JJ closes his speech thanking everyone for the induction.

Jerry Lawler is out next to introduce our next inductee.

A video package welcomes our seventh inductee tonight: Mark Henry.

Big Show is out next to induct Mark Henry. Big Show shares a funny story about Henry trying to break a quarter and only being able to bend it. He brings up how Henry is also a great recruiter for WWE. Big Show also notes how Henry has a temper at times, sharing a story about Henry breaking a camera backstage when someone tried to take a photo.

Big Show introduces our next inductee into the Hall of Fame, Mark Henry.

Mark Henry

The fans immediately start up a “SEXUAL CHOCOLATE” chant and Henry smiles. Henry thanks Big Show for being a good friend and how this has been a great ride. “I respect everybody that loves this business. I know how difficult it is to travel. To wait at home. For us to get back. And we miss a lot of stuff. Today, I am humbled.”

Henry is in shock he was able to make it 20 years in the business. A loud “YOU DESERVE IT” chant starts up. Henry thanks the fans. He tells a story about being 9 years old and his grandmother taking him to a wrestling show with his favorite wrestler on the card. Henry says he got to see Andre the Giant with kids running to the barricades.

He brings up how Andre picked him up as a child and was so happy to be that close to him. Henry thinks about all the people that inspired him and believed in him. He said the backbone of his strength was from his mother. Henry talks about how she purchased him his first weight set and how she was a great cook.

Henry thanks all of his coaches and trainers. He talked about gaining celebrity as a power lifter that created a path to his wrestling career. Henry mentions the Junkyard Dog, Iron Sheik and Andre the Giant as some of his favorites. He tells a funny story about getting a call from Vince McMahon and thinking it was a prank.

Henry says he came off sounding like a huge mark with Vince on the phone and how he kept wanting to meet Yokozuna and Bret Hart. He talks about signing with the company in 1996 and never looked back. Henry says this industry requires focus because you have other peoples lives in your hands and how he needed help focusing.

He talked about “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd giving him advice early in his career. Henry talks about being mentored by the Hart family for a year. He talks about spending time with Owen Hart in Canada. Henry asks for the camera to zoom. “This is not from the company. This is not from other wrestlers. This is from his other brother. He needs to be here.”

Henry talks next about his alter ego, Sexual Chocolate. He has a cape put on and talks to Stephanie in the front row. Henry also has his wife stand up. He talks about how D’Lo Brown laughed at the idea of them letting him do the Sexual Chocolate character. Henry thanks Mae Young and Chyna for helping with the presentation.

He mentions the powerful Nation of Domination name dropping D’Lo and The Godfather. Henry talks about Ron Simmons and how he defined a real man. He thanks Simmons for being a positive role model for him and his children. Henry thanks Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He talks about starting out in the company at the same time as Rock.

Henry talks about winning the ECW Championship and getting to work with Big Show and Kane. He talks about winning the World Heavyweight Championship in 2011, calling it his career highlight. Henry talks about making the most of his career in a business he loves so much. He apologizes for anyone he upset in his career being a big wrestling fan.

Henry closes thanking his wife and his children. He praises WWE for expanding diversity. Henry says this planet is dependent on everyone living together as one. He has another announcement. Stage hands come out and is handed his “retirement” jacket. Henry says he isn’t done yet calling out John Cena, AJ Styles and Roman Reigns. He laughs and says he was just playing around. Henry closes accepting his spot in the Hall of Fame.

A sneak peak of the night “Fighting with my Family” movie based on Paige is shown. A scene involving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is shown.

Jerry Lawler introduces our final inductee tonight.

A video package welcomes our final inductee tonight: Goldberg.

Paul Heyman is out next to induct Goldberg. He does his famous introduction. Heyman said he’s sure many people are wondering why the founder of ECW is inducting one of the biggest WCW stars into the Hall of Fame of WWE. He said it gives him a chance to step out of his advocate role and get personal. Heyman said it’s difficult to find opponents for his client Brock Lesnar and they needed to find the right guy. He said that sure as hell isn’t Roman Reigns. Heyman says the fans chanted his name demanding a comeback. He introduces the next inductee into the Hall of Fame, Goldberg.


We get the old backstage entrance for Goldberg on his way to the stage.

Goldberg promises this will be short and sweet, a lot like his matches. He talks about his early life and his family. Goldberg thanks his siblings for always taking care of him. All he ever wanted to do was to be a role model for kids and for people to look up to. Goldberg says he was fortune to have played for the University of Georgia and Atlanta Falcons.

He talks about an injury in football forcing him to move on. That next thing was wrestling. Goldberg said Bruiser Brody was someone he loved watching growing up and how Diamond Dallas Page encouraged him to get involved in the business. He described his character as the Mike Tyson of pro wrestling. Goldberg jokes it’s easy to copy, referencing Reigns.

Goldberg talks about headlining an episode of Nitro at the George Dome against Hulk Hogan with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line. “Hogan, I owe ya one.” He talked about it all crashing down with WCW, including Kevin Nash ending his streak on his birthday. “Thanks Kev. Looks like I owe you one too.”

He talks about Eric Bischoff giving him his shot. “I will never forget that opportunity.” Goldberg talks about owing thanks to so many people. He mentions Charles Robinson, Lex Luger, the Steiner Brothers, the Guerrero family, Ron Simmons, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Big Show and the one phone call he made to Jim Ross to make it possible.

Goldberg talked about finally coming to WWE and understanding he had a price to pay. He talks about screaming at Triple H in front of his future wife Stephanie. Goldberg said he received a number of receipts, thanking “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He says he owes a lot of people a thank you. Goldberg doesn’t want to dwell on his first WWE run.

Goldberg wants to thank Steve Austin for helping him out all along the way. “To this day. So Steve, I love you brother. I’d still smash you, but I love you.” He talked about walking around with a chip on his shoulder after that first WWE run. “I’m not proud of how I performed, how I acted, how everything went on in my first run.”

He talks about when he left, he put wrestling aside and then he had this thing called a family. Goldberg said he always wondered what his son would think about wrestling. He talks about it all starting with a simple phone call from 2K Sports. Goldberg talks about time healing the wounds and how he had a better impression of WWE.

He talked about started training and adds, “Thank god for muscle memory.” Goldberg talked about working hard again and wanting it. He loved being “that guy” for the fans. He thanks his wife and how she completely changed his life. Goldberg says he did all of this for his son, saying they are his whole world. “You brought me back.”

He talks about being miserable during his comeback and the training. Goldberg said while he physically felt miserable, his return and run was completely worth it. He talks about erasing his wrestling demons and the support he received from his wife. Goldberg said he is so proud to be a father and that his son is his entire world.

He thanks his in-laws who are also in attendance tonight. Goldberg says tonight is really all about the fans. He says he would do anything for the fans. Goldberg wants to share a McMahon story involving Stephanie. He shares a story about Stephanie being aware that he liked to headbutt doors before his appearances and how he couldn’t do that anymore.

Goldberg talks about punching the door instead, breaking his hand in the process. He shares another story about drinking 13 beers with Steve Austin because his hand hurt so bad, only to find out Steve would never actually drink the beers. Goldberg points out Sting in the audience tonight and what a big role he played in his wrestling career.

He looked at Sting as a man and that if Sting could do it, he could it as well. Goldberg talked about Sting having integrity and being proud. He points out DDP and Sting making him and how he will be forever grateful for that. Goldberg says his original dream was to be a member of the NFL Hall of Fame. But as he stands here tonight, tonight has a better pay off than then NFL Hall of Fame ever would have. Goldberg says he now realizes, more so than ever before, “this is where I belong.” He calls it one hell of a journey and as long as he is 2-1 over Brock Lesnar, had the strength to jackhammer anybody in this room, he learns to never say never. Goldberg closes with: “Who’s next?”

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