WWE and TNA UK TV ratings

from Ian Hamilton:

For the week ending February 14, 2010…

TNA Impact (from Feb 11, airing Feb 13) drew 105,000 viewers on Bravo (+18,000 viewers from last week); the “replay” on Bravo +1 drew 45,000 viewers an hour later (-20,000)

Raw from February 8
– drew 75,000 viewers live on Monday night (-45,000)
– drew 57,000 viewers on Thursday night’s replay (+11,000)

SmackDown from Feb 12
– drew 87,000 viewers in the first airing (-41,000)
– drew 57,000 viewers in Saturday morning’s replay (+8,000)

Superstars from Feb 11
– drew 47,000 viewers on a Saturday night replay

ECW (listed as NXT) from Feb 9
– drew 42,000 viewers in its first airing

End result: TNA beats WWE for this week in the go-home show to Against All Odds… which didn’t air on TV at all in the UK, as TNA are still without a broadcaster for their PPVs in the UK after the Bravo contract for the PPVs expired