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Bryan Danielson was on Seattle-radio yesterday morning promoting the debut on NXT. He said he’s fine with the name change to Daniel Bryan and feels most WWE fans don’t know who he is anyway. “To them I?m always going to be known as Daniel Bryan. I think that will be okay. It’s just that the
WWE is an enormous corporation and it’s smart for them to have the rights of anybody they put on TV,” he said. “It doesn?t matter if the person is successful; I?m successful and they own the rights and that helps them and their merchandising and that sort of thing. I don?t think it’s really a big deal; it’s a pretty standard thing.” Regarding The Miz’ blog on the WWE website about him looking like an accountant: “[The Miz is] very charismatic, he’s gone out there, he’s really good at making people hate him. How I?ve gotten by is a little bit different. I?ve been doing this for over ten years now and what I?ve gotten by and how I made my name is by being excellent in the ring, but that doesn?t mean what he’s saying isn?t partially correct… There is this huge aspect there where for me it’s always been what goes on in the ring. And with the WWE, that’s a big part of it, it’s presenting yourself as a superstar. And when he said I look like an accountant, I kinda do!” (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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