Martin Ward sent this in:

Hi there, before I give you guys the results from the show I just want to say I work in the O2 Dublin, and was working for the first house show, and was in attendance last night. Both nights Tony Chimel announced the DX invasion tour, and then The Undertaker rest in peace tour for later this year, on both nights no indication was given that this would be a farewell tour. It seems the tour could just as easily be called the creatures of the night tour or last ride tour or something else related to the Undertaker’s charactor. Anyway here’s the results.

Tony Chimel welcomes us to the show,

Kofi Kingston vs William Regal
Regal did some trash talking on the mic before the bell, and went on to dominate the match, before slipping on the proverbial banana skin, and Kofi got the pin.

Santino Marella vs Charlie Haas
Santino got on the mic and was so funny, he puts over Santina’s success at Mania and tells us he is 3 minutes older than his twin sister. Haas snatches the mic and calls him an “EEJIT” which is an Irish phrase basically meaning idiot. Pretty even match which Santino won with a roll up.

The Miz vs Goldust
Solid enough match, lots and lots of near falls in the last 3-4 minutes. Goldust gets the pin after a superplex.

Beth Phoenix vs Melina with Kelly Kelly as guest referee (TITLE MATCH)
Your standard diva match. Melina wins it with a small package.

The Colons vs Kane and Mike Knox (TITLE MATCH)
Lots of double teaming and quick tagging by Kane and Knox. The finish saw Primo springboard on to Knox, who caught Primo in mid-air, whilst Knox was holding Primo, Carlito snuck up behind him and hit the backstabber to get the pin.

Chris Jericho vs Punk
Jericho does the heel talk on the mic, god he’s awesome. Out comes punk with his brief case.
The match consisted of a lot of striking, Punk with Muay Thai style punches and kicks, Jericho with enzuguri kicks and Mickey Rourke style punches. Jericho used the walls of Jericho, Punk hit the GTS, then Jericho hit the code breaker but still couldn’t get the pin so he went for a chair, when the ref intercepted it Jericho grabbed the brief case behind the ref’s back and floored Punk with it leading to the pin.

Main event, John Cena and Rey Mysterio vs Big Show and Edge
Edge really got in the faces of some small kids during his entrance, he’s nearly as good as Jericho. Show and Edge kept Rey away from Cena for most of the match and wore him down. Edge and Rey had some very good trades. Cena eventually got the hot tag. The finish saw Mysterio hit a frog splash on Edge as Cena hit a simultaneous FU on Show.

Probably a better show than the last time they were here, but there was an injury crisis at that time.

That’s all from the Brain Trust, bye for now.