The Undertaker is scheduled to remain on the road with WWE full-time following WrestleMania 25 reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

He attended the Smackdown/ECW tapings in Austin, TX on April 7 following WrestleMania, but was only used backstage and was hanging out. He was back in action at this week’s TV tapings in Atlanta, GA and Knoxville, TN taping matches for Superstars and Friday Night Smackdown.

Most of the discussion following his match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania was how lucky he was after he landed pretty much on top his head after taking a dive over the top rope to the outside. The camera guy who took the brunt of Undertaker’s landing was played by Sim Snuka. Some were said to be blaming Snuka for the band landing, while other said it was a tough spot where you had to drop the camera and make the catch properly. Undertaker ended up landing much shorter of what Snuka thought was the mark to be standing in and was described as being knocked out and “on fumes” for the rest of the match.