Impact Wrestling footage to be featured in new upcoming WWE Hardy Boyz DVD release

Hardy Boyz DVD has learned that the new upcoming WWE Hardy Boyz DVD is a collaboration with WWE and Impact which will include “Broken Universe” segments and the “Final Deletion” match.

The 3-disc DVD set entitled “Twist of Fate: “The Best of The Hardy Boyz” will feature 27 matches, Matt and Jeff discussing their time in Impact and new footage of the “Broken gimmick” filmed at the Hardy Compound. has indicated the video will also be seen on the WWE Network and Impact’s Global Wrestling Network streaming service and that the GWN logo can be seen on Impact footage featured in the DVD.

The video will release in the UK/Europe on April 30, in the United States on May 1 and will be available in Australia on June 20.

You can view the trailer below courtesy of