Feedback on WrestleMania buyrate

We’ve had a few reader emails regarding some information sent in about the WrestleMania 25 buyrate estimates at this link.

Shaun Hitchcock sent this in: Just wanted to make a note about the news article you posted below. In New Zealand the cost for WWE PPV’s is a set $19.95, which at current exchange rates is $11.50 US dollars. This price is for all the PPV’s, not sure about the rest of the world but if other countries pay a fraction of what the US pays then there could easily be 1 million buys.

Matt Parkinson sent this in: In regards to the post “Interesting numbers on WM 25 buyrate” on Tuesday, April 14, 2009. The equation done to estimate the buy rate is very off. It was done assuming the minimum cost was $55 USD for the worldwide gross. When in fact in many countries the cost of the event was much lower (such as here in Australia it was $29 AUD , which is only about $21 USD). Due to this, the estimation has little accuracy and the “high end estimate of 782,000 buys” may be well below the actual number.

David Youell sent this in: I?m sure you may have already received this info, but the UK buy rate for Mania this year was ?14.99 which depending on the exchange rate right now, is probably anywhere between $20-$30. So again, this could be contributed towards the buyrate figures

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