Matches taped for Friday’s Smackdown:

– The Superstars apron is still on so I think this was only for the live crowd. But, just in case, Batista came out and said that he’s heading to Raw. Teddy Long came out and said that he can go but tonight he will defend the WWE Title vs. Edge.

– After that, they changed over the ring apron.

– Chris Jericho cut a promo saying he’s the best and didn’t deserve what happened on Monday. Edge comes out and talked about how he’s always spearing Jericho. Jericho hit Edge with the mic but Edge speared him again.

– Dolph Ziggler defeated John Morrison and R-Truth in a Triple Threat to qualify for MITB. Morrison hit Starship Pain on Truth but Ziggler pulled Morrison out and covered Truth.

– Michelle McCool defeated Mickie James to win the Women’s Title. Vickie Guerrero was the referee. She slapped James while she had McCool rolled up and McCool hit a head kick to win.

– Kane defeated Drew McIntyre with a kick to the head while Drew was on the ground to qualify for MITB. Drew had cut a promo before the match saying he’d stay undefeated. I guess not.

– The Miz came out and cut a promo saying that he and The Big Show need opponents for WrestleMania. He told Teddy Long to work on that. Long came out and said that since Show isn’t here tonight will be singles action. It’s Miz vs. Edge tonight.

– Shelton Benjamin defeated CM Punk to qualify for MITB. Rey distracted Punk, who turned around into Paydirt.

– Edge defeated The Miz with The Spear. It was a good back and forth match.

– Edge said that he doesn’t want to wait. He wants Batista for the dark main event now!

– Edge defeated Batista by DQ when Jericho hit The Codebreaker. Matt Hardy, CM Punk and Kane all also hit finishers on each other for fun I guess.

Credit: Jim Fields/