WWE statement on Sami Zayn missing Greatest Royal Rumble, Interviews with WWE talent

Sami Zayn

Here are some news and notes following Friday’s WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event:

* Vince McMahon issued the following tweet thanking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for “giving the Greatest Royal Rumble to the WWE Universe” on Friday.

* For those wondering, Sami Zayn did not fly in for the event on Friday. Zayn, who is of Syrian descent, was likely held off the show due to the ongoing and very public political problems between Syria and Saudi Arabia.

WWE issued this statement to The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online regarding Zayn not being involved on the card yesterday:

“WWE is committed to embracing individuals from all backgrounds while respecting local customs and cultural differences around the world.”

* Just a quick reminder that Wrestleview Live returned on YouTube immediately following the Greatest Royal Rumble with hosts Paul Nemer and Mike Tedesco.

* WWE posted the following interviews with talent after the show.

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