John Cena teams with The Rock’s production company, Sunday Night Heat/WWE Network

John Cena

John Cena teams with The Rock’s production company

Variety is reporting that WWE star John Cena will star in the new film “The Janson Detective” from Universal Pictures with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia producing through their Seven Bucks Productions company.

Rock issued the following tweet on Monday making the announcement:

Rock also released this video on Instagram about the big news:

Sunday Night Heat/WWE Network

The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online is reporting that Sunday Night Heat looks to be the next classic content that will be featured on the WWE Network.

While the number of episodes that will be uploaded right away remains to be seen, it appears the first year of the show will be uploaded when it premiered in 1998.

Heat started as a one-hour series on the USA Network in August of 1998 featuring pre-taped matches and airing live once a month before Pay Per View events. It would later air on MTV, TNN/Spike TV and before officially ending in 2008. It’s most highly touted episode took place in 1999 during the half time of Super Bowl XXXIII featuring The Rock vs. Mankind in a pre-taped empty arena match for the WWE Championship.

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