WWE has Bobby Lashley featured on their “List This!”, five things you didn’t know.

Here are a few of the interesting facts:

1. He was an accomplished amateur grappler. He trained for the 2004 Olympics, but he ruptured his knee when diving for cover during a bank robbery.

2. Kurt Angle gave Lashley’s number to Gerald Brisco to try to setup a tryout. Lashley injured his knee again and had to reschedule his WWE tryout.

3. Lashley captured the ECW title twice. One of them being in a 3 on 1 handicap match.

4. After leaving the WWE, Bobby Lashley decided to pursue an MMA career. He won his first MMA fight in 41 seconds. He’s 15-2 in MMA.

5. Bobby Lashley’s first match back in WWE came the night after Wrestlemania 34, which is 3934 days since his last WWE appearance. His last match was him and Jeff Hardy vs Booker T and Mr. Kennedy.