ESPN Magazine features John Cena

“ESPN: The Magazine” is currently featuring an article on John Cena titled “7 Things You Should Know About Being a WWE Superstar” in promoting the upcoming “E:60” piece this Tuesday night. Here are some highlights.

1. Writers write, fighters fight.
“I see myself as an actor, and I choose not to have much input in my story. So I find out only a few hours before the broadcast what will happen. The creative team doesn’t know inside-the-ring stuff, though. They tell us who’s going to win or be disqualified and we take it from there.”

3. We’re more than just action figures.
“I try to manage my likeness, but the WWE does a lot of licensing, so I end up seeing a lot of products that make me cringe. I’m all for merchandising, but John Cena car floor mats or nesting dolls don’t seem right.”

7. I won’t bite the hand.
“A lot of wrestlers reach a point where they feel it’s not cool to be in WWE. Not me. I can do movies and work full-time here. Why would I ever say it’s not good enough?”