In preparation for his heel turn on brother Jeff in WWE, Matt Hardy stated recently in an interview with The Miami Herald that he had to call his dad ahead of time to warn him about the angle they did leading into WrestleMania 25 where Matt implied he set fire to Jeff’s trailer that killed his dog. Matt told his father that he was going to be really stiff on the promo and his dad, whose been watching wrestling pretty much his whole life, said it would be no problem and understood. However, after seeing the direction of the angle, when Matt called him and asked if he saw the promo, he said, “I almost wished I didn?t even watch that sh*t”, but added he should have known better. Matt said his father’s reaction initially put him in a bad mood, but his dad later told him he was okay with the storyline. Matt said that Jeff really liked the angle because it made his now deceased dog into almost like a celebrity dog.