WWE “List This!” features five dream matches for Daniel Bryan that fans want to see

WWE has Daniel Bryan featured on their “List This!”, 5 Daniel Bryan dream matches we want to see.

Since Daniel Bryan is back from his 2016 retirement, there are some dream matches WWE fans are dying to see according to WWE.com. Even though we may not agree with all of them, here are the list of “dream” matches WWE has brainstormed and put together for Daniel Bryan:

1. Daniel Bryan vs The Undertaker
Daniel Bryan and the Undertaker crossed paths once before, when Bryan teamed up with Undertaker and Kane to take on The Shield.

2. Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar
Any match match against Brock Lesnar would be considered a nightmare rather than a dream match. Paul Heyman has always expressed interested in Daniel Bryan as an oppononent for Brock.

3. Daniel Bryan vs Finn Balor
As Finn Balor was taking over NXT, Daniel Bryan was wrestling one of his last matches before his retirement. “A collision with Balor would be one of the fastest high paced match-ups ever contested in a WWE ring.”

4. Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle
Before Wrestlemania 33, Kurt Angle was dreaming of a match with Daniel Bryan. “He was the one guy that I wanted to come to WWE and wrestle.”, says Kurt.

5. Daniel Bryan and Brie vs Triple H and Stephanie.