Renee Young reveals her original WWE name on the latest Edge and Christian Podcast

Renee Young comments on name

Renee Young was the guest on the latest Edge and Christian podcast; E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness: Renee Young and Catching Up (In-Person!) with TOMMMAY.

Renee talked about almost having signed with ESPN before WWE and how she eventually signed with WWE.

She revealed that upon signing with WWE, she got an e-mail with her new name change, and it was Renee Sterling. She was so stressed out, since she’s been on TV before in Canada, she felt very odd at changing her name. She was given some options and eventually changed her TV name to Renee Young. Edge said he never really got that and doesn’t necessarily understand it, where an announcer has to have a wrestling name too. Renee adds that she didn’t know that changing her name was part of the deal and that threw her for a loop.

The Edge and Christian podcast goes for a little over an hour. The part of the interview where she reveals the name change is at the 30:09 mark.