Nikki Bella talks her break-up with John Cena on “TODAY”

Nikki Bella, along with her sister Brie Bella, appeared Wednesday morning on NBC’s “TODAY” to promote the Season 3 premiere of “Total Bellas” on E! this Sunday, plus her recent break-up to John Cena that will be shown during the third season.

During the interview, Nikki reveals that she hopes that her and Cena will get back together, with Brie praising Cena as well, calling him “her brother”.

Bruce Prichard talks Roddy Piper

WWE has posted a preview clip on Wednesday of this week’s episode of “Something Else to Wrestle With” with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson talking about the career of the late Roddy Piper in the WWE.

The clip below shows Prichard talking about Piper’s tension and issues with Hulk Hogan, although WWE does not list Hogan by name on the title of the clip.

This week’s episode will be posted on the on-demand section of WWE Network later on Wednesday.