On this week’s WWE List This!, they featured times where WWE Superstars “fooled” everyone.

1) Shawn Michaels’ wasn’t welcomed in Montreal since the 1997 screwjob. Before Summerslam 2005, Michaels was in the ring in Montreal being booed out of the building, then Bret Hart’s music hits and the crowd erupted. But Bret Hart never showed up, Shawn played everyone for fools. Later in that segment, Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he didn’t show up either.

2) In the final Smackdown Live of 2016, Beckly Lynch had Alexa Bliss in her arm bar submission hold. Bliss had touched the ropes with her foot and Becky had to release the hold. Alexa bent her arm the wrong direction, this got the referee distracted and outside interference from La Luchadore (Mickie James) gave Alexa the win.

3) Before the June 17, 2017 episode of WWE RAW, Mark Henry was rumored to be retiring. Henry showed up in a suit, and layed down his wrestling boots. After Henry made his speech, John Cena raised his hand, and this prompted Mark Henry to pick John Cena up and slam him. Mark Henry didn’t end up retiring that night after all.

4) Less than 3 weeks from Wrestlemania 19, Brock Lesnar faced Kurt Angle on Smackdown. While Kurt was down, Brock got distracted, Kurt’s brother Eric came in the ring dressed exactly like Kurt and switched spots with him. When Lesnar came to pick him up, Eric did the small package roll for the 1,2,3.

5) Bret Hart challenged Vince McMahon to a match at Wrestlemania 26. Vince didn’t agree to face Bret. Bret Hart would eventually “break his leg” and this prompted Vince McMahon to challenge Bret for Wrestlemania 26. Bret Hart accepted, and while signing the contract, he revealed to Vince McMahon that his leg was never broken.