Former WWE star Tom Magee suffers severe beating in California this past week

Tom Magee

Former WWE star Tom Magee was said to have suffered a severe beating by upwards of six men earlier this past week in front of his residence in Los Angeles, per a new report by the Los Angeles CBS affiliate.

The 59-year old Magee suffered a broken eye socket, a broken jaw and a concussion after getting into an argument with the attackers over a parking space. Neighbors of Magee rushed in to help, sending the attackers fleeing and only then stopping the attack.

Two of the attackers, 20-year old Justin Leo and 20-year old Degrate Bryant, were charged with assault with deadly weapons by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Magee worked for Stampede Wrestling up in Canada, All Japan Pro Wrestling and most notably WWE throughout his pro wrestling career.

Magee wrestled for WWE from 1987 to 1989, infamously working a match with WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart on a live event in 1987 that has since garnered a cult following due to footage of the match never being released and stories that have gone around about Magee’s perceived potential that never came to be.

Magee was taken to a Los Angeles hospital following his attack, but has since been released and is back at his residence recovering from his injuries.

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