Matt Cappotelli

In a new blog post that was sent out this past weekend, the wife of former OVW star Matt Cappotelli, Lindsay Cappotelli, revealed that her husband would be discontinuing treatments to battle brain cancer.

Cappotelli, who was the co-winner alongside current Impact star Johnny Impact (John Hennigan) of the third season of WWE Tough Enough in 2002, competed in OVW under a WWE developmental deal until 2006, when it was revealed that Cappotelli had brain cancer (a grade II glioma at that time) and was forced to retire from in-ring competition.

Cappotelli underwent successful brain surgery to remove the tumor in 2007, then after two years of radiation and chemotherapy, was in remission. However in 2017, Cappotelli was diagnosed with brain cancer yet again, with it being a grade IV GBM (GlioBlastoma Multiforme), which is the most deadly form of brain cancer that there is.

Cappotelli again underwent brain surgery, but it was found by doctors that a portion of the tumor inside Cappotelli’s brain was inoperable, leading to the treatments Cappotelli has tried to battle the brain cancer up until present-day.

Several wrestlers, past and present, in OVW had been able to raise and donate money to assist Cappotelli and his family over the last year in assistance for his battle. sends out well wishes to Cappotelli and his family during this tough time.