Alexa Bliss with young fan at MegaCon
Alexa Bliss with a young fan at MegaCon in Orlando, FL.

WWE star Alexa Bliss, along with Braun Strowman and Shinsuke Nakamura, attended the second day of MegaCon in Orlando on Friday. MegaCon is an annual event held in Orlando, FL, that allows for fans to come out and meet likeminded fans of the science fiction, comics, anime, and gaming genres, similar to Comic-Con.

Celebrities will often attend the event, and during the event they will meet with the fans, sign autographs, and/or do a Q&A session.

During the Q&A session, a young fan revealed that she is recovering from an eating disorder, and asked Bliss, who also suffered from an eating disorder multiple times throughout her high school and college careers, if she was ever told she is too small to do anything.

Bliss then walked over to the edge of the stage, and asked the young fan to come over to her. She gave the young fan some words of encouragement, followed by a hug.

WWE has posted a short video of the encounter on their website. Bliss would later tweet after the event, that young fans like her, and the moment they shared, is why she does she does.