Ronda Rousey interviewed by TMZ Sports
Ronda Rousey interviewed by TMZ Sports

Ronda Rousey

TMZ Sports caught up with Ronda Rousey and asked if she would be interested in inviting Indiana School Teacher, Jason Seaman, to accompany her to the ring for one of her matches.

Seaman is a 29 year old teacher, that risked his life to save his students, after a gunman opened fire in his classroom on Friday.

Seaman tackled the shooter to prevent him from harming anymore of the other students, after he shot a 13 year old student. Seaman was shot three times during the struggle, which resulted in him being hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. The other student is in critical, but stable condition.

Ronda said that anyone that would risk their life to save kids’ lives should be commended, and that she would be open to the idea, especially if he was interested.

All Money in the Bank cash-ins ranked has posted an article of their rankings for all 19 Money in the Bank cash-ins, including the most recent cash-in by Carmella.

Their list is as follows:

19. Baron Corbin (WWE Championship, 2017)
18. John Cena (WWE Championship, 2012)
17. Damien Sandow (World Heavyweight Championship, 2013)
16. Jack Swagger (World Heavyweight Championship, 2010)
15. CM Punk (World Heavyweight Championship, 2009)
14. Alberto Del Rio (WWE Championship, 2011)
13. CM Punk( World Heavyweight Championship, 2008)
12. Edge (World Heavyweight Championship, 2007)
11. Randy Orton (WWE Championship, 2013)
10. Sheamus (WWE World Heavyweight Championship 2015)
9. Camella (SmackDown Women’s Championship, 2018)
8. Daniel Bryan(World Heavyweight Championship, 2011)
7. Kane(World Heavyweight Championship, 2010)
6. Rob Van Dam (WWE Championship, 2006)
5. Edge (WWE Championship, 2006)
4. The Miz(WWE Championship, 2010)
3. Dean Ambrose (WWE World Heavyweight Championship, 2016)
2. Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Championship, 2013)
1. Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship, 2015)