Jeremy Samples sent this report in:

WWE AXXESS 4/4 8-12AM: Session 1

A couple of notable things from this session were from the Question/Answer session. JBL was asked about retirement. He said that he knew when he was going to retire, but he would seriously doubt that it would be now. There was also some sort of question from Canada, which he responded to by saying he hated Canada, and that everyone there was fat. I’m not sure what context this was in, as I was inside of WWE Memorabilia listening to the session.

The WWE Memorabilia was alright, they had some nice stuff…although, some stuff was just cheap WrestleMania promo, such as the pin set with pins from each WrestleMania, papers that had all WrestleMania’s written on them. Although, balanced out was some neat stuff, such as a mini WWE Hall of Fame, Wrestling Album awards, etc…

Undertaker’s Graveyard was also an interesting attraction. I actually had more fun there than I had anywhere else at AXXESS, so if anyone is going to the sessions tomorrow..I would strongly recommend checking that out. They had different caskets from casket matches and real tombstones for each of Undertaker’s WrestleMania victims. They also had a mix of chemicals to make a nice, cool smoke machine type of deal in the back. There were some really cool effects catching this, blending with the tombstones.