Ronda Rousey at a recent WWE Live Event
Ronda Rousey at a recent WWE Live Event

Ronda Rousey working upcoming WWE Live Events

WWE has announced that Ronda Rousey will be working multiple upcoming WWE Live Events, including live events in Italy and Spain.

She will be making her Spain debut working the events held in Madrid on November 3 and Barcelona on November 4. She will also return to Italy for the events held in Bologna on November 9, and Rome on November 10.

As we reported previously, WWE has already previously announced that Ronda will be competing on their UK tour, starting with her first UK match on August 29.

Ronda is set to make an appearance at every RAW between now and at least late August, including the Money in the Bank event, where she will challenge Nix Jax for the RAW Women’s Championship.

7 stars who broke their face in the ring

WWE has posted a video on their website of “7 Superstars who broke their face in the ring” as apart of their “List This” series. The following is their list of superstars in decreasing order:

7. John Cena (U.S. Championship Match, RAW, July 2015)
6. Bray Wyatt (NXT, May 2013)
5. Rusev (RAW,January 2017)
4. Cody Rhodes(Smackdown, January 2011)
3. The Undertaker(RAW, October 1995)
2. Big Show(No Way Out, February 2008)
1. Joey Mercury(Armageddon, December 2006)