Baron Corbin debuts a new look
Baron Corbin debuts a new look

WWE star Baron Corbin debuted a new look tonight on Monday Night RAW, sporting a freshly shaved head. Corbin has been known for his long locks since his NXT days, but has had a noticeably thinning hairline for years now.

The WWE has tweeted out a screenshot of Corbin debuting the new look, as well as a video of Corbin getting his head shaved backstage.

Paul Heyman reacts to Lesnar breaking Punk’s record

Paul Heyman, the long-time advocate for the current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, tweeted out his reaction to Lesnar breaking CM Punk’s record today, and becoming the longest reigning world champion of the modern era at 435 days.

The previous record, 434 days, was held by CM Punk during his final WWE Championship reign, that ended at the Royal Rumble 2013 event, in his match against The Rock.