We’ve had more reader response to our last report at this link regarding WWE claiming that Christian has never held a World Title and going along with it in a recent interview on WWE.com.

Kevin Gillman sent this in: I find it kind of sad that Christian came back to WWE, only to be almost non existent. And to make matters worse, he can’t acknowledge the one company that truly gave him that ball and let him run with it for awhile? I hope for Christian’s sake that WWE awards him by having him win MITB match this Sunday. At least then ignoring the truth may be worth it.

Jamaal sent this in: I think its a shame that Christian has fallen in line with many others who have tried to suck up to Vince. I only wonder if he was told to say that or if he is kissing up on his own. WWE tries to make the world think that they are the only company that matters, which is nonsense of course. This is the same attitude that WWE shows when it takes proven performers and than puts them in “development” when they sign contracts with WWE. Its the same pathetic attitude that they used to ruin DDP and other big names. I remember when DDP came to Vince land. The man was a multiple time World champ, but in WWE he was “attacking The Undertaker to become famous”. Then he went on to feud over the European title. I give Sting more respect than any other wrestler on earth. He said he would never work for Vince, and so far he has kept his word. Many others have allowed there desire for fame or riches, or just the fear of trying to make a decent living override there own personal dignity.