According to a report by, if you are noticing that WrestleMania 25 isn’t generating as much mainstream publicity in the Houson area as last year’s event did in Orlando then you are not alone.

Many sources within and outside WWE have picked up on this and point to the fact that longtime promoter Bob Collins no longer being with the company might be the reason. Collins worked with local media in past host cities for WrestleMania to generate publicity before leaving the company last year.

He was replaced by John Saboor who had previously served as the President of Central Florida Sports Commission and played an important role in bringing WrestleMania 24 to Orlando last year. While nothing negative has been said about Saboor’s performance in WWE, people are simply noticing how differently the job was handled last year and in previous years under Collins. It’s possible more media come boost coverage of WrestleMania this week in Houston, although some point to the fact that the lack of a big celebrity as part of the show (minus the musical acts) is what could be causing the low publicity this year.