Sting and Vader during their time in WCW
Sting and Vader during their time in WCW

TMZ recently conducted an exclusive interview with Jesse White, the son of the late Leon “Vader” White. White reveals that a number of wrestlers reached out to Vader.

Vader passed away this past Monday after a battle with congestive heart failure.

In the interview, Jesse is quoted as saying:

“Dallas Diamond Page, [Stone Cold Steve] Austin, Mick Foley,” White says … but one of Vader’s old friends made an extra special impression.

“I do have to send a big thank-you out to Sting, Steve Borden.”

“Sting has been a huge blessing,” White says … noting the two became close over the past 10 months — after Vader had been battling heart problems.

“My father was a God-fearing man and so was Sting, and they would sit down and read the bible together. Go over the bible, just talk about life and good time stories and, yeah, Stings been a huge blessing throughout this process.”

Jesse wrestled for the WWE in their FCW/NXT developmental division from 2011-2013 as Jake Carter. Like his father, he is also a former football player, having played collegiate football for the University of Oklahoma.