In a new article by Darren Rovell of ESPN on Friday, the relaunch of the XFL football league in 2020 by WWE chairman Vince McMahon will reportedly see McMahon spending around $500 million for its relaunch, compared to the $100 million that McMahon initially stated a few months back during a press conference to announce the relaunch of the league that was put into his new company, Alpha Entertainment.

New XFL commissioner Oliver Luck, who was announced as commissioner last month, had the following to say to ESPN about the increased expenditure in the relaunch of the league.

“People were focused on the $100 million, but the truth is that doesn’t even get us to the 20-yard line. I’ve been at all levels of football, and the importance of a broad-based insurance program cannot be understated. There are very few participants who underwrite for this market anymore and it is obviously costly”

The belief is that with the increased amount of spending into the XFL relaunch, it will attract big-name free-agent football players and coaches to join the XFL when it relaunches in 2020. The added cost includes the average salary for the players will be around $75,000 and addition of health insurance to cover injuries to the players.