Io Shirai announces WWE signing, Details on new collections coming to WWE Network in July

Io Shirai

We mentioned earlier that during Saturday’s WWE live event in Tokyo that Japanese women’s wrestling star Io Shirai came out during the event to officially announce her signing with WWE.

WWE issued the following on Saturday, officially confirming Shirai’s signing with the company.

WWE announces signing of Japanese sensation Io Shirai at WWE Live Tokyo

WWE has announced that it has signed Io Shirai, one of the most decorated women’s wrestlers in the world, as its newest Superstar.

The announcement was made at today’s WWE Live Event at Tokyo’s Ryōgoku Sumo Hall, where Shirai was introduced to members of the WWE Universe as the newest signee to WWE NXT.

A ring veteran of more than 10 years, Shirai has accomplished more than virtually anyone in the modern history of Japanese women’s wrestlers. Tokyo Sports, a national daily sports newspaper, named her the country’s top female grappler in each of the past three years.

Boasting an exciting and technical in-ring style that combines speed and force, Shirai is renowned for her devastating strikes and suplexes. Nicknamed the “Genius of the Sky,” Shirai also packs a wide arsenal of high-flying moves, including an eye-popping Asai moonsault.

Shirai most recently competed with Tokyo-based World Wonder Ring Stardom, the same organization where NXT Superstar and inaugural Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane first made her name. A fixture of Stardom, Shirai was a multi-time champion there and enjoyed two reigns with the promotion’s top title, the World of Stardom Championship.

Will it be long before the WWE Universe witnesses Shirai’s spectacular ability in a WWE ring?

Details on new collections coming to WWE Network in July

The following is the content listing for the new collections on Jeff Jarrett and the women’s revolution coming to WWE Network next week.

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King of the Ring 1994 – Sore Loser
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RAW 02/20/1995 – Champions Collide
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Before defending his Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania XI, Double J gets into a tussle in Time Square during warmup for the big event.

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Action Zone 05/07/1995 – That Championship Spark
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RAW 05/29/1995 – Trying to Shine in the Darkness
For a chance at qualifying for the 1995 King of the Ring, ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett goes one-on-one with The Undertaker.

A Special Night In Nashville (Interview)
Jeff Jarrett sits down to discuss the music career of ‘Double J’, as well as his memories of competing against Shawn Michaels.

WWF Wrestling Spotlight 07/08/1995 – With My Baby Tonight
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In Your House 2 – An Unconvincing Performance
The self-proclaimed lyrical greatness of ‘Double J’ doesn’t live up to the hype in this performance of his song ‘With My Baby Tonight’.

In Your House 2 – Music to the Chin
Defending the Intercontinental Title against Shawn Michaels leaves ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett singing a different tune.

Maybe I Lost My Way (Interview)
Jeff Jarrett remembers his initial exit from WWE to WCW, and his subsequent angle involving The Four Horsemen.

Nitro 06/09/1997 – The Golden Haired Champion

Jeff Jarrett goes for his first major accomplishment in WCW when he challenges Dean Malenko for the WCW U.S. Heavyweight Title.

RAW 01/25/1999 – Time for a Change
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Shotgun Saturday Night 03/20/1999 – Meeting the Future Head On
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This Is So Easy (Interview)
Jeff Jarrett looks back fondly on the late Owen Hart, while reminiscing about their time together as a tag team.

RAW 05/31/1999 – Being Great Ain’t Easy
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Fully Loaded 1999 – Getting the Edge Back
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RAW 07/26/1999 – There’s Something About Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett decides to give Ben Stiller a leg up after taking exception to comments from the world famous actor.

SummerSlam 1999 – Double J Doubles Down
Jeff Jarrett looks to make history by challenging D’Lo Brown for the Intercontinental and European Titles.

SmackDown 09/09/1999 – Respecting Your Elders
In a vicious example of disrespect, Jeff Jarrett targets Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young for a controversial attack.

Unforgiven 1999 – Upset at Unforgiven
Jeff Jarrett tries to crush Chyna’s dreams of becoming Intercontinental Champion in this battle for the gold.

Good Housekeeping? Hell Yes! (Interview)
Jeff Jarrett revisits his matches and controversial rivalry with ‘The Ninth Wonder of the World’ Chyna.

No Mercy 1999 – Good Housekeeping
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Truly The Chosen One (Interview)
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Spring Stampede 2000 – The Chosen One Triumphs
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Slamboree 2000 – Rumble in a Triple Cage
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Nitro 05/15/2000 – Natural Rivals
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Greed 2001 – Kiss for a Rhodes
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Shocked By The Call (Interview)
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Women’s Evolution

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WrestleMania I – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
With Fabulous Moolah in Leilani Kai’s ear, Cyndi Lauper supports Wendi Richter in challenging Kai for the WWE Women’s Title.

MSG 11/25/1985 – The Original Screwjob
In a controversial bout, Fabulous Moolah competes under the mask of Spider Lady to capture the WWE Women’s Championship from Wendi Richter.

07/24/1987 – Sherri’s Fabulous Opportunity
In the early stages of her sensational career, Sherri Martel challenges Fabulous Moolah for the WWE Women’s Championship.

Royal Rumble 1988 – Glamourous Explosion
Jimmy Hart’s Glamour Girls defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against The Jumping Bomb Angels.

Prime Time Wrestling 11/08/1988 – A Rockin’ Sensation
Rockin’ Robin takes to the ring to challenge Sensational Sherri for the WWE Women’s Championship.

All American Wrestling 12/26/1993 – Blayze of Glory
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SummerSlam 1995 – A Massive Accomplishment
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WrestleMania XIV – More than Marvelous
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No Mercy 1999 – Chyna Cleans House
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Survivor Series 2001 – Six Pack Stratusfaction
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WrestleMania XX – Hairy Stipulations
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SmackDown 05/06/2004 – Jacqueline Makes History
A historic match becomes an instant classic after Jacqueline challenges Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Championship.

RAW 12/06/2004 – The Main Event
History is made when Lita and Trish Stratus battle for the Women’s Championship in the main event of Monday Night RAW!

WrestleMania 22 – The Inmate Runs the Asylum
Mickie James looks to take her place in history by challenging Trish Stratus for the WWE Women’s Championship.

OVW 12/23/2006 – Rising Phoenix
Long before the Women’s Revolution, Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea defied convention in this epic Ladder Match for the OVW Women’s Championship.

FCW 02/14/2010 – The Queen of FCW
Florida Championship Wrestling sees AJ Lee and Serena battle for the right to be called the ‘Queen of FCW’.

SmackDown 05/14/2010 – Cool Hand Layla
Layla carves her name into history when Beth Phoenix defends the WWE Women’s Championship against both members of LayCool.

Superstars 10/14/2010 – What’s Your Favorite Match?
Relive a “stone cold” classic in this battle between Alicia Fox and Melina to see who really is tough enough.

TLC 2010 – Bringing Hart to the Table
Beth Phoenix partners with Natalya to take on the duo known as LayCool in a Tag Team Tables Match.

Survivor Series 2011 – The Glamazon’s Triumph
Beth Phoenix puts the Divas Championship on the line against Eve Torres in a Lumberjill Match.

Money in the Bank 2013 07/14/2013 – Crazy in Charge
Two old friends make bitter rivals when AJ Lee defends the Divas Championship against Kaitlyn.

NXT 07/24/2013 – A Paige Out of History
Emma and Paige face each other for the honor of becoming the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion.

NXT TakeOver 05/29/2014 – Family Ties
In his daughter’s corner, Ric Flair encourages Charlotte while she battles Natalya with her uncle, Bret Hart, by her side.

SummerSlam 2014 – Ambition, Revenge, and Betrayal
Sibling rivalry causes problems for Brie Bella when she takes to the ring for revenge on Stephanie McMahon.

NXT TakeOver: Rival 02/11/2015 – Four for the Gold
The Four Horsewomen of NXT battle each other in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Women’s Championship.

RAW 02/23/2015 – Give Divas a Chance
Before the Women’s Evolution took off, The Bella Twins battled Paige and Emma in effort to earn respect for the Divas Division.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 08/22/2015 – Silencing the Critics
Bayley looks to silence her critics by challenging Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship in this classic.

WrestleMania 32 – The Revolution Steals the Show
Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte shed their ‘divas’ image by battling for the reborn WWE Women’s Championship.

Hell in a Cell 2016 – Hell Hath No Fury
For the first time, two women meet in the cell when Charlotte Flair challenges Sasha Banks for the RAW Women’s Title.

NXT 06/28/2017 – Last Woman Standing
Nikki Cross looks to knock Asuka off her pedestal by challenging her for the NXT Women’s Title in a Last Woman Standing Match.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III 08/19/2017 – The Undefeated Champion
In her last match in NXT, Asuka makes history by defending the NXT Women’s Title against Ember Moon.

Mae Young Classic Episode 4 – The Pirate Princess Sets Sail
As the first annual Mae Young Classic begins, Kairi Sane sets sail on a voyage by facing Tessa Blanchard.

NXT 01/10/2018 – Baszler Proves a Point
Shayna Baszler sends an emphatic message to NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon in this bout against Dakota Kai.

Royal Rumble 2018 – Rumble for All
History is made when the women of WWE compete in the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

Elimination Chamber 2018 – Eliminating Barriers
The women of Monday Night RAW battle for the RAW Women’s Title in the first Women’s Elimination Chamber Match.

WrestleMania 34 – The Empress and The Queen
Charlotte Flair looks to prove that she is ready for Asuka when they clash for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

WrestleMania 34 – Getting Rowdy at WrestleMania
Ronda Rousey makes an impactful in-ring debut by teaming with Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.