BuddyTV.com has an interview up with WWE Tag Team Champion The Miz at this link where he talks the origins of “The Dirt Sheet” on WWE.com, the difference to building a persona on reality TV vs. wrestling and WrestleMania 25. On “The Dirt Sheet” Miz added, “John and I – we drive a lot from city to city doing shows. We were having great matches but we knew that people had to know what our characters were like. People had to know who we were as wrestlers as well as people. And we thought the only way we could get that across was to get some sort of show on Dot Com. So we asked “Can we do this show on Dot Com?” And people were like “Sure, no problem.” So we started doing it and in the beginning a lot of people were like, “Oh, it’s stupid. It’s this. It’s that.” Then it just kind of picked up to where it’s getting views and people are watching it.”