There was a strange set of events that went down following the WWE Monday Night Raw tapings in Jacksonville, FL on March 9. According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the creative team was told to head to Boca Raton where Vince McMahon keeps his multimillion dollar penthouse condo as he intended on spending the week there.

After everyone checked in for what they were told would be big meetings to finalize the next few weeks of TV, the direction of WrestleMania 25 and the upcoming Draft, Brian Gewirtz and Michael Hayes were told on March 11 by phone that Vince would not be taking any meetings that week and that the team was to return to Stamford instead and hold internal meetings to come up with multiple options on their own.

They were also told Stephanie McMahon would be meeting via teleconference with them to hear all the options. She was described as acting very frustrated with the entire situation with Vince. When the meetings were over, a list of WrestleMania and all the next weeks of TV main events, big picture angles, storyline options and suggestions were then given to Vince in Florida. This report seems to echo earlier reports of how many within the creative team are becoming frustrated with Vince’s antics of changing his mind at the last very last minute causing unnecessary changes.