Roman Reigns

WWE star Roman Reigns returned to his Alma mater on Friday to debut their new uniform. Roman was a defensive tackle during his three year collegiate career for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution(AJC) the idea was hatched when Roman attended a recent game against Virginia Tech

To introduce its new football uniform, the Georgia Tech athletic department wanted to make a splash. Staffers figured that using a celebrity to model the new Adidas-designed look could give the reveal some pop.

At the top of their wish list was the muscled gentleman who ended up taking the stage Friday night on the 14th floor of Ventanas – three-time WWE champion Roman Reigns, perhaps better known to Tech football fans as former All-ACC defensive lineman Joe Anoa’i.

The idea was hatched when Anoa’i attended the Virginia Tech game last fall with his family. Anoa’i watched the game from the suite of athletic director Todd Stansbury, where they got a chance to meet and discuss Anoai’s support of the program.

Ken Sugiura, the author of the AJC article, also tweeted a video of the event, which you may view below.