MSN has an article at this link profiling WWE Smackdown’s 500th episode tonight on MyNetworkTV with various photos.

The description reads:

Quick, off the top of your head, name the longest-running episodic TV show. After that, give us the name of the fastest weekly episodic show to reach 500 episodes in United States prime-time broadcast television history.

“All in the Family”? Nope. “Cheers”? Nope. “The Simpsons”?
… more “M*A*S*H”? “Seinfeld”? No, no, no.

For the answer, you need look no further than World Wrestling Entertainment. “WWE Monday Night RAW” (on USA) is the answer to No. 1; last year it celebrated its 15th anniversary. This Friday, RAW’s ass-whoopin’ sister show, “Friday Night SmackDown” (on MyNetworkTV), will become the answer to No. 2. And in the middle of the week you can find “ECW” on Sci-Fi Network.

So, love it (and I do) or not, wrestling isn’t going anywhere, continues to build new and very fanatical audiences, and will continue to break all types of TV records. For that, and because we dig big dudes tossing other big dudes around a ring, along with the entertaining backstage story lines, we honor “SmackDown” with this gallery featuring some of its biggest superstars.

Can I get a “hell yeah!”?