Former TNA and WWE Superstar Nick Cvjetkovich (Kizarny) was interviewed Sunday night on Live Audio Wrestling, here are the highlights:

– He described himself as a dark and creepy yet fun, colorful and playful of a man, or a real roll coaster. He said Vince McMahon wanted him to do a Rob Zombie meets Doink the Clown version of himself, thus Kizarny was created.

– Cvjetkovich said he always wanted to work for the WWE, but he really hated his WWE ring name.

– He said he wanted dark nighttime vignettes, but the WWE wanted it light and shot in the daytime. He said the vignettes were shot in Pennsylvania.

– Cvjetkovich said he didn?t think McMahon knew anything about him when they met; he was just a student from FCW.

– He said he liked working with Dusty Rhodes in Florida Championship Wrestling and his character in developmental was more to his liking.

– Cvjetkovich said they wanted him to always speak in Carney, which he had no trouble with but knew it would get annoying.

– ?I?m not bitter about anything,? Cvetkovich said of his WWE experience.

– He believes everyone wanted him to be a heel, but Vince insisted on Kizarny being a babyface.

– Cvjetkovich said he still digesting what exactly happened with WWE.

– Cvjetkovich said he is tight with Edge.

– He is under the impression he was a victim of a budget cut, but never got a straight answer as to why he was let go.

– Cvjetkovich said he had good repoire with all WWE agents.

– He said The Undertaker gave him good ideas to do in the ring.

– Cvjetkovich said when he found out of his WWE release, he was in a tattoo parlor with Angelina Love and Ryan Braddock getting tattoos. He received the call from Johnny Ace as he was in the chair.

– He said the response from the fans has been positive. He talked about the response he has received through MySpace, Facebook, calls, and texts.

– Cvjetovich talked about the ten years sacrifice he made including sleeping in his car to make it in the business.

– He said he is ghost writing Jake Roberts? autobiography.

– He said is a published author and artist.

– Cvjetovich said he is going to start working for the Jim Rose circus. The next tour starts 6/18 and the show will be called the Jim Rose circus vs. Jake ?The Snake? Roberts.