WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus made her return to RAW, above, on Monday night confronting Elias in a segment from her hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Stratus, while confronting Elias, promoted her appearance at the Evolution PPV on October 28 when she takes on former RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.

Excerpt courtesy of Mike Tedesco’s RAW recap:

“Stratus says a lot has changed since she’s been gone. When she retired as a 7-time Women’s Champion here in Toronto with a Sharpshooter and took her place in the WWE Hall of Fame, she would have never imagined they’d get to a point where there’d be an all-women’s PPV called Evolution. In a few months, she’ll be in this ring lacing up her boots to take on Alexa Bliss. Elias says that’ll be like a swimsuit model pillow fight. Stratus says she has a suggestion. It’s time for Elias to pack up his guitar, floral kimono and scarves, and leave. Elias says she’s just like thousands of other women wanting to walk with Elias. Elias says he doesn’t date women in their sixties. Stratus slaps him!”