Erran sent this in: The Sun UK has a story up about Christian in the WWE up on this link: click here. Basically goes on about how Christian’s chances in the WWE may well be limited again due to Vince, as Christian hasn’t exactly had the most explosive start. Also goes on to say that the people over at TNA are happy about this because it will deter other wrestlers from jumping ship.

Dave sent this in:


“Professional wrestler Dave Bautista has filmed a cameo role on Neighbours while in Melbourne to promote the upcoming WWE tour.

The World Wrestling Entertainment star, known to fans as ‘Batista’, dropped by the Neighbours studios earlier this week to film a number of scenes with resident Ramsay Street wrestling enthusiasts Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Callum (Morgan Baker).

Bautista is the latest in a long line of celebrities to cameo on the soap.

Late last year, Dutch violinist Andr? Rieu and indie band The Wombats also filmed cameos with the series.”