According to a report by PWInsider, the deal announced between Danny Bonaduce and TNA where Bonaduce will wrestle at the Lockdown PPV on April 19 came about a week ago when Kurt Angle was a guest on his radio show to promote Lockdown. Bonaduce threw out an open challenge to any of his CCW cast members to wrestle him at Lockdown and was said to be eager to wrestle against Dennis Rodman who he claimed he dislikes a lot. Angle then suggested that if nobody from CCW accepted Bonaduce’s challenge that the company would hook him up with a TNA star to wrestle instead at the PPV. Bonaduce agreed to the idea and said he was willing to bleed in the cage if he had to. It was also announced by Angle during his appearance that there would be a Team Angle vs. Team Jarrett match at Lockdown.