During an appearance on “The Busted Open” radio show on Wednesday, WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin discussed his recent return to WWE and having to clear a few things regarding the shows new “PG” rating.

“Right before I went out, I had to get the word ‘ass’ cleared… Hell, ass was a staple of my act as were many of the four-letter words. The beer made a slight hesitation because he was surprised I called for it. When I got backstage, Vince (McMahon) was a little surprised that I actually had access to beer out there. Hell, it was such a big part of my act… I’m using no middle fingers, I’m using no cuss words, if I didn’t have beer I wouldn’t have an act.”

Austin also commented on if he watches TNA.

“Yes, I do watch TNA show when I get a chance or I’ll Tivo it. I’m real good friends with Kevin Nash and I like Shark Boy, who they’re not using as much as they used to, but I like Shark Boy and what he does. I like that they supply a lot of guys with jobs. It’s a different product. I don’t think you’re ever going to compete head-to-head with WWE. It was like the XFL trying to take over the NFL. You’re not going to beat a monopoly and a kingpin, and WWE is so rooted in how it does business and they know how to do business.”

On a related note, Austin also made an appearance on The BJ Shea Morning Experience on KISW in Seattle and discussed the possibility of stepping back into the ring and even facing Bill Goldberg.

“You know that would be fun working with Bill. I?ve always liked Bill and gotten along with him. I haven?t talked to him in quite sometime, he’s a good guy. But no for me, I?m going to leave well enough alone, I rode off into the sunset and my health is good right now. I have another couple of matches left in my body but I won?t choose to exercise those matches. I don?t want to go out there and be 90-95% of what Stone Cold Steve Austin was because I?m not going to sack and do it all, but I could be close, but that’s not good enough and there’s really no point in it. It’s not going to take me any farther in my acting career so it would be all for naught. I love my fans, I love that business, but I want to be remembered for what I was not for what I ended up being.”

Source: Prowrestling.net