The Undertaker returning to RAW live next Monday, Interviews after RAW in New Orleans

The Undertaker

WWE announced last night that The Undertaker would be making another television appearance next Monday night on RAW from Dallas, Texas.

Undertaker will be responding to comments made by Triple H last night during RAW.

Excerpt of Triple H’s promo courtesy of Mike Tedesco’s RAW recap:

“The Streak and the aura has gone away. Undertaker is now just a reputation. That series of matches were his last epic moments of greatness, and Undertaker blames them for the demise. Undertaker said one thing that was true: now it’s personal. In Melbourne, Australia, out of the last little bit of respect that he has for Undertaker, he’s going to put him down. Triple H just stares into the camera.”

Interviews after RAW in New Orleans

WWE posted these interviews after RAW last night.

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