Predictions for WWE Hell in a Cell this Sunday, Reviving the WWE Intercontinental Title

During the latest edition of “Wrestleview Weekly” on, Doug Lackey provided picks for WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV this Sunday night from San Antonio.

Just a quick reminder that will have live coverage of Hell in a Cell this Sunday, along with a live review on YouTube immediately following the show.

Reviving the WWE Intercontinental Title is featuring an article about how Roman Reigns, The Miz, Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler are responsible for reviving the Intercontinental Championship in WWE.

Roman Reigns:

“I think that’s what it takes to show you’re a true Intercontinental Champion is hold down those long matches and put in that work. It shows we’re not messing around.”

The Miz:

“One hundred percent, the Intercontinental Championship was more important than the Universal Title because it was on Raw each and every week.”

Seth Rollins:

“Whether I won or lost in those Open Challenges I got better every single time. That’s what made me a better champion and that’s what elevated the title. All it did was make myself better, make my opponents better, and make the title mean more than it already did.”

Dolph Ziggler:

“There are situations, months and years go by, where either Superstars or titles or even women were put on the backburner for Raw and SmackDown. There are situations where of course anybody has that attitude: I’m gonna take this from being the second fiddle to making it the most important title. In this situation, it actually was the premiere individual men’s, singles title on the actual show.”