RAW draws near record low viewers on Monday night, WWE stock continuing to increase


As reported on yesterday, this past week’s WWE RAW on Monday Night Raw drew an average of 2.35 million viewers on September 24.

This was an over 10% drop in overall viewers from last week’s show. While the first hour drew the strongest audience of the night (2.493 million viewers), the final two hours drew some of the lowest viewer totals in the history of the show (2.275 and 2.281).

The last show of the “modern era” to see the audience dip this low was back on July 9 of last year, when the show averaged 2.47 million viewers. The show also set a new low for the modern era back in 2016 on September 26, averaging only 2.48 million viewers going up against the Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton debate.

Despite the dip in viewers for WWE’s flagship program, the show continues to rank and perform well among the Top 10 shows on cable every Monday night.

WWE stock continuing to increase

While ratings for RAW might be struggling, the company’s stock has never been hotter.

WWE stock is trending today at $95.69, an increase from $90.10 just a few days ago. As of this report, WWE’s current market capitalization is $7.46 billion.