The Sun in the UK is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Lita where she talks about the upcoming all-women’s WWE Evolution PPV on October 28 and how she learned about her involvement on the card in a match against Mickie James.

On WWE announcing an early card for Evolution so far:

“I do think it’s a little odd that the first matches announced were Trish’s and mine because we are not even part of the current roster, even though I do think it’s interesting for people to see us come back. But in the same regards to the women’s Royal Rumble, there were a handful of us brought back but I wouldn’t say the focus was on the past generation. It was on the current roster. This is an entire night of women’s wrestling and there will be plenty of the current crop having a big spot and featuring and I do think that is what is going to happen – and that’s what it should be about.”

On finding out she would be wrestling Mickie James at the PPV:

“We were told a while ago that there was going to be an all-women pay-per-view and they were still getting it together, but they asked if I’d be interested in being a part of it in some capacity – and I told them to count me in. That’s pretty much all the conversation was. I didn’t know if I’d be doing commentary or even just being invited to attend to support the women. And then I found out when you all did that Mickie James would be my opponent and I would not just be a part of Evolution but I’d actually be in the ring. That’s when you just hold your breath and go with it.”

Lita made a surprise appearance at last night’s MCW event, showing up as a surprise guest referee for the six man tag team main event.